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func Provider

func Provider() terraform.ResourceProvider

Provider returns a schema.Provider for OVH.


type Config

type Config struct {
	Endpoint          string
	ApplicationKey    string
	ApplicationSecret string
	ConsumerKey       string
	OVHClient         *ovh.Client

type IPPool

type IPPool struct {
	Network string `json:"network"`
	Region  string `json:"region"`
	Dhcp    bool   `json:"dhcp"`
	Start   string `json:"start"`
	End     string `json:"end"`

func (*IPPool) String

func (p *IPPool) String() string

type PartialMe

type PartialMe struct {
	Firstname string `json:"firstname"`

type used to verify client access to ovh api

type PublicCloudPrivateNetworkCreateOpts

type PublicCloudPrivateNetworkCreateOpts struct {
	ProjectId string   `json:"serviceName"`
	VlanId    int      `json:"vlanId"`
	Name      string   `json:"name"`
	Regions   []string `json:"regions"`


func (*PublicCloudPrivateNetworkCreateOpts) String

type PublicCloudPrivateNetworkRegion

type PublicCloudPrivateNetworkRegion struct {
	Status string `json:"status"`
	Region string `json:"region"`

func (*PublicCloudPrivateNetworkRegion) String

type PublicCloudPrivateNetworkResponse

type PublicCloudPrivateNetworkResponse struct {
	Id      string                             `json:"id"`
	Status  string                             `json:"status"`
	Vlanid  int                                `json:"vlanId"`
	Name    string                             `json:"name"`
	Type    string                             `json:"type"`
	Regions []*PublicCloudPrivateNetworkRegion `json:"regions"`

func (*PublicCloudPrivateNetworkResponse) String

type PublicCloudPrivateNetworkUpdateOpts

type PublicCloudPrivateNetworkUpdateOpts struct {
	Name string `json:"name"`


type PublicCloudPrivateNetworksCreateOpts

type PublicCloudPrivateNetworksCreateOpts struct {
	ProjectId string `json:"serviceName"`
	NetworkId string `json:"networkId"`
	Dhcp      bool   `json:"dhcp"`
	NoGateway bool   `json:"noGateway"`
	Start     string `json:"start"`
	End       string `json:"end"`
	Network   string `json:"network"`
	Region    string `json:"region"`


func (*PublicCloudPrivateNetworksCreateOpts) String

type PublicCloudPrivateNetworksResponse

type PublicCloudPrivateNetworksResponse struct {
	Id        string    `json:"id"`
	GatewayIp string    `json:"gatewayIp"`
	Cidr      string    `json:"cidr"`
	IPPools   []*IPPool `json:"ipPools"`

func (*PublicCloudPrivateNetworksResponse) String

type PublicCloudRegionResponse

type PublicCloudRegionResponse struct {
	ContinentCode      string                             `json:"continentCode"`
	DatacenterLocation string                             `json:"datacenterLocation"`
	Name               string                             `json:"name"`
	Services           []PublicCloudServiceStatusResponse `json:"services"`

func (*PublicCloudRegionResponse) String

func (r *PublicCloudRegionResponse) String() string

type PublicCloudServiceStatusResponse

type PublicCloudServiceStatusResponse struct {
	Status string `json:"status"`
	Name   string `json:"name"`

func (*PublicCloudServiceStatusResponse) String

type PublicCloudUserCreateOpts

type PublicCloudUserCreateOpts struct {
	ProjectId   string `json:"serviceName"`
	Description string `json:"description"`


func (*PublicCloudUserCreateOpts) String

func (p *PublicCloudUserCreateOpts) String() string

type PublicCloudUserOpenstackRC

type PublicCloudUserOpenstackRC struct {
	Content string `json:"content"`

type PublicCloudUserResponse

type PublicCloudUserResponse struct {
	Id           int    `json:"id"`
	Username     string `json:"username"`
	Status       string `json:"status"`
	Description  string `json:"description"`
	Password     string `json:"password"`
	CreationDate string `json:"creationDate"`

func (*PublicCloudUserResponse) String

func (p *PublicCloudUserResponse) String() string

type TaskOpts

type TaskOpts struct {
	ServiceName string `json:"serviceName"`
	TaskId      string `json:"taskId"`

Task Opts

type VRackAttachOpts

type VRackAttachOpts struct {
	Project string `json:"project"`


type VRackAttachTaskResponse

type VRackAttachTaskResponse struct {
	Id           int       `json:"id"`
	Function     string    `json:"function"`
	TargetDomain string    `json:"targetDomain"`
	Status       string    `json:"status"`
	ServiceName  string    `json:"serviceName"`
	OrderId      int       `json:"orderId"`
	LastUpdate   time.Time `json:"lastUpdate"`
	TodoDate     time.Time `json:"TodoDate"`

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