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Spotinst SDK Go

The official Spotinst SDK for the Go programming language.

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The best way to get started working with the SDK is to use go get to add the SDK to your Go application using Go modules.

go get -u

Without Go Modules, or in a GOPATH with Go 1.11 or 1.12 use the /... suffix on the go get to retrieve all of the SDK's dependencies.

go get -u


Set a ChainProvider that will search for a provider which returns credentials.

The ChainProvider provides a way of chaining multiple providers together which will pick the first available using priority order of the Providers in the list. If none of the Providers retrieve valid credentials, ChainProvider's Retrieve() will return the error ErrNoValidProvidersFoundInChain. If a Provider is found which returns valid credentials ChainProvider will cache that Provider for all calls until Retrieve is called again.

Example of ChainProvider to be used with an EnvCredentialsProvider and FileCredentialsProvider. In this example EnvProvider will first check if any credentials are available via the SPOTINST_TOKEN and SPOTINST_ACCOUNT environment variables. If there are none ChainProvider will check the next Provider in the list, FileProvider in this case. If FileCredentialsProvider does not return any credentials ChainProvider will return the error ErrNoValidProvidersFoundInChain.

// Initial credentials loaded from SDK's default credential chain. Such as
// the environment, shared credentials (~/.spotinst/credentials), etc.
sess := session.New()

// Create the chain credentials.
creds := credentials.NewChainCredentials(

// Create service client value configured for credentials
// from the chain.
svc := elastigroup.New(sess, &spotinst.Config{Credentials: creds})

Complete SDK Example

package main

import (


func main() {
	// All clients require a Session. The Session provides the client with
	// shared configuration such as account and credentials.
	// A Session should be shared where possible to take advantage of
	// configuration and credential caching. See the session package for
	// more information.
	sess := session.New()

	// Create a new instance of the service's client with a Session.
	// Optional spotinst.Config values can also be provided as variadic
	// arguments to the New function. This option allows you to provide
	// service specific configuration.
	svc := elastigroup.New(sess)

	// Create a new context.
	ctx := context.Background()

	// Read group configuration.
	out, err := svc.CloudProviderAWS().Read(ctx, &aws.ReadGroupInput{
		GroupID: spotinst.String("sig-12345"),
	if err != nil {
		log.Fatalf("spotinst: failed to read group: %v", err)

	// Output.
	if out.Group != nil {
		log.Printf("Group %q: %s",


For a comprehensive documentation, check out the Spot Documentation website.


For a list of examples, check out the examples directory.

Getting Help

We use GitHub issues for tracking bugs and feature requests. Please use these community resources for getting help:



Please see the contribution guidelines.


Code is licensed under the Apache License 2.0. See for complete details, including software and third-party licenses and permissions.



Package sdk is the official Spotinst SDK for the Go programming language.

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