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type Option

type Option func(*P2p) error

    Option type that allows us to have many underlying types of options.

    func Logger

    func Logger(logger interfaces.Logger) Option

      Logger is an interface to a logger for the p2p package

      func Receiver

      func Receiver(receiver interfaces.Receiver) Option

        Receiver receives all data that other peers send on pubsub channels

        func Storage

        func Storage(storage interfaces.Storage) Option

          Storage is an interface to a data store for the p2p package

          type Options

          type Options struct {
          	Logger  interfaces.Logger
          	Storage interfaces.Storage

            Options for this p2p package, unrelated to libp2pConfig.Option

            type P2p

            type P2p struct {
            	Config interfaces.Config
            	Logger interfaces.Logger
            	Receiver interfaces.Receiver
            	// contains filtered or unexported fields

              P2p stores all things required to converse with other peers in the Sprawl network and save data locally

              func NewP2p

              func NewP2p(config interfaces.Config, privateKey crypto.PrivKey, publicKey crypto.PubKey, opts ...Option) (p2p *P2p)

                NewP2p returns a P2p struct with an input channel

                func (*P2p) AddReceiver

                func (p2p *P2p) AddReceiver(receiver interfaces.Receiver)

                  AddReceiver registers a data receiver function with p2p

                  func (*P2p) BlacklistPeer

                  func (p2p *P2p) BlacklistPeer(pbPeer *pb.Peer)

                    BlacklistPeer blacklists a peer from connecting to this node

                    func (*P2p) Close

                    func (p2p *P2p) Close()

                      Close closes the underlying libp2p host

                      func (*P2p) CloseStream

                      func (p2p *P2p) CloseStream(peerID peer.ID) error

                        CloseStream removes and closes a stream

                        func (*P2p) ConstructAddrInfo

                        func (p2p *P2p) ConstructAddrInfo(id peer.ID, addrs []ma.Multiaddr) peer.AddrInfo

                          ConstructAddrInfo is used to construct peer.AddrInfo especially in tests

                          func (*P2p) CreateOptions

                          func (p2p *P2p) CreateOptions() []libp2pConfig.Option

                            CreateOptions queries p2p.Config for any user-submitted options and assigns defaults

                            func (*P2p) GetAddrInfo

                            func (p2p *P2p) GetAddrInfo() peer.AddrInfo

                              GetAddrInfo uses p2p.ConstructAddrInfo to get this peer's own AddrInfo

                              func (*P2p) GetAllPeers

                              func (p2p *P2p) GetAllPeers() []peer.ID

                                GetAllPeers returns all peers that we are currently connected to

                                func (*P2p) GetHostID

                                func (p2p *P2p) GetHostID() peer.ID

                                  GetHostID returns the underlying libp2p host's peer.ID

                                  func (*P2p) GetHostIDString

                                  func (p2p *P2p) GetHostIDString() string

                                    GetHostIDString returns the underlying libp2p host's peer.ID as a string

                                    func (*P2p) InitHost

                                    func (p2p *P2p) InitHost(options ...libp2pConfig.Option)

                                      InitHost creates a libp2p host with given options

                                      func (*P2p) OpenStream

                                      func (p2p *P2p) OpenStream(peerID peer.ID) (interfaces.Stream, error)

                                        OpenStream opens a stream with another Sprawl peer

                                        func (*P2p) Run

                                        func (p2p *P2p) Run()

                                          Run runs the p2p network

                                          func (*P2p) Send

                                          func (p2p *P2p) Send(message *pb.WireMessage)

                                            Send queues a message for sending to other peers

                                            func (*P2p) Subscribe

                                            func (p2p *P2p) Subscribe(channel *pb.Channel) (context.Context, error)

                                              Subscribe subscribes to a libp2p pubsub channel defined with "channel"

                                              func (*P2p) Unsubscribe

                                              func (p2p *P2p) Unsubscribe(channel *pb.Channel)

                                                Unsubscribe sends a quit signal to a channel goroutine

                                                type Stream

                                                type Stream struct {
                                                	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                                                  Stream is a single streaming connection between two peers

                                                  func (*Stream) WriteToStream

                                                  func (stream *Stream) WriteToStream(data []byte) error

                                                    WriteToStream writes data as bytes to specified stream