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const ROLE_SPACE_AUDITORS = "auditors"
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const ROLE_SPACE_DEVELOPERS = "developers"
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const ROLE_SPACE_MANAGERS = "managers"
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const SPACES = "spaces"


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type ConfigSpaceDefaults added in v0.0.33

type ConfigSpaceDefaults struct {
	Developer UserMgmt `yaml:"space-developer"`
	Manager   UserMgmt `yaml:"space-manager"`
	Auditor   UserMgmt `yaml:"space-auditor"`

ConfigSpaceDefaults -

type DefaultSpaceManager

type DefaultSpaceManager struct {
	FilePattern     string
	FilePaths       []string
	CloudController cloudcontroller.Manager
	UAACMgr         uaac.Manager
	OrgMgr          organization.Manager
	LdapMgr         ldap.Manager
	UtilsMgr        utils.Manager
	UserMgr         UserMgr

DefaultSpaceManager -

func (*DefaultSpaceManager) CreateApplicationSecurityGroups added in v0.0.15

func (m *DefaultSpaceManager) CreateApplicationSecurityGroups(configDir string) error

CreateApplicationSecurityGroups -

func (*DefaultSpaceManager) CreateQuotas added in v0.0.15

func (m *DefaultSpaceManager) CreateQuotas(configDir string) error

CreateQuotas -

func (*DefaultSpaceManager) CreateSpaces

func (m *DefaultSpaceManager) CreateSpaces(configDir, ldapBindPassword string) error

CreateSpaces -

func (*DefaultSpaceManager) DeleteSpaces added in v0.0.63

func (m *DefaultSpaceManager) DeleteSpaces(configDir string, peekDeletion bool) error

func (*DefaultSpaceManager) FindSpace

func (m *DefaultSpaceManager) FindSpace(orgName, spaceName string) (*cloudcontroller.Space, error)

FindSpace -

func (*DefaultSpaceManager) GetSpaceConfigList added in v0.0.29

func (m *DefaultSpaceManager) GetSpaceConfigList(configDir string) ([]InputSpaces, error)

func (*DefaultSpaceManager) GetSpaceConfigs added in v0.0.29

func (m *DefaultSpaceManager) GetSpaceConfigs(configDir string) ([]*InputSpaceConfig, error)

func (*DefaultSpaceManager) UpdateSpaceUsers added in v0.0.13

func (m *DefaultSpaceManager) UpdateSpaceUsers(configDir, ldapBindPassword string) error

UpdateSpaceUsers -

func (*DefaultSpaceManager) UpdateSpaceWithDefaults added in v0.0.33

func (m *DefaultSpaceManager) UpdateSpaceWithDefaults(configDir, spaceName, orgName, ldapBindPassword string) error

func (*DefaultSpaceManager) UpdateSpaces added in v0.0.9

func (m *DefaultSpaceManager) UpdateSpaces(configDir string) error

UpdateSpaces -

type InputSpaceConfig added in v0.0.63

type InputSpaceConfig struct {
	Org                     string   `yaml:"org"`
	Space                   string   `yaml:"space"`
	Developer               UserMgmt `yaml:"space-developer"`
	Manager                 UserMgmt `yaml:"space-manager"`
	Auditor                 UserMgmt `yaml:"space-auditor"`
	DeveloperGroup          string   `yaml:"space-developer-group,omitempty"`
	ManagerGroup            string   `yaml:"space-manager-group,omitempty"`
	AuditorGroup            string   `yaml:"space-auditor-group,omitempty"`
	AllowSSH                bool     `yaml:"allow-ssh"`
	EnableSpaceQuota        bool     `yaml:"enable-space-quota"`
	MemoryLimit             int      `yaml:"memory-limit"`
	InstanceMemoryLimit     int      `yaml:"instance-memory-limit"`
	TotalRoutes             int      `yaml:"total-routes"`
	TotalServices           int      `yaml:"total-services"`
	PaidServicePlansAllowed bool     `yaml:"paid-service-plans-allowed"`
	EnableSecurityGroup     bool     `yaml:"enable-security-group"`
	SecurityGroupContents   string   `yaml:"security-group-contents,omitempty"`
	RemoveUsers             bool     `yaml:"enable-remove-users"`
	TotalPrivateDomains     int      `yaml:"total_private_domains"`
	TotalReservedRoutePorts int      `yaml:"total_reserved_route_ports"`
	TotalServiceKeys        int      `yaml:"total_service_keys"`
	AppInstanceLimit        int      `yaml:"app_instance_limit"`

InputSpaceConfig -

func (*InputSpaceConfig) GetAuditorGroups added in v0.0.63

func (i *InputSpaceConfig) GetAuditorGroups() []string

func (*InputSpaceConfig) GetDeveloperGroups added in v0.0.63

func (i *InputSpaceConfig) GetDeveloperGroups() []string

func (*InputSpaceConfig) GetManagerGroups added in v0.0.63

func (i *InputSpaceConfig) GetManagerGroups() []string

type InputSpaces

type InputSpaces struct {
	Org                string   `yaml:"org"`
	Spaces             []string `yaml:"spaces"`
	EnableDeleteSpaces bool     `yaml:"enable-delete-spaces"`

InputSpaces -

func (*InputSpaces) Contains added in v0.0.63

func (s *InputSpaces) Contains(spaceName string) bool

Contains -

type Manager

type Manager interface {
	FindSpace(orgName, spaceName string) (*cloudcontroller.Space, error)
	CreateSpaces(configDir, ldapBindPassword string) error
	UpdateSpaces(configDir string) (err error)
	UpdateSpaceUsers(configDir, ldapBindPassword string) error
	CreateQuotas(configDir string) error
	CreateApplicationSecurityGroups(configDir string) error
	DeleteSpaces(configFile string, peekDeletion bool) (err error)

Manager -

func NewManager

func NewManager(sysDomain, token, uaacToken string) Manager

NewManager -

type UpdateUsersInput added in v0.0.48

type UpdateUsersInput struct {
	SpaceGUID                        string
	OrgGUID                          string
	Role                             string
	LdapUsers, Users, LdapGroupNames []string
	SpaceName                        string
	OrgName                          string
	RemoveUsers                      bool


type UserManager added in v0.0.48

type UserManager struct {
	LdapMgr ldap.Manager
	UAACMgr uaac.Manager
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*UserManager) UpdateSpaceUsers added in v0.0.48

func (m *UserManager) UpdateSpaceUsers(config *ldap.Config, uaacUsers map[string]string, updateUsersInput UpdateUsersInput) error

UpdateSpaceUsers Update space users

type UserMgmt added in v0.0.29

type UserMgmt struct {
	LdapUsers  []string `yaml:"ldap_users"`
	Users      []string `yaml:"users"`
	LdapGroup  string   `yaml:"ldap_group"`
	LdapGroups []string `yaml:"ldap_groups"`

type UserMgr added in v0.0.48

type UserMgr interface {
	UpdateSpaceUsers(config *ldap.Config, uaacUsers map[string]string, updateUsersInput UpdateUsersInput) error

UserMgr - interface type encapsulating Update space users behavior

func NewUserManager added in v0.0.48

func NewUserManager(
	cloudController cloudcontroller.Manager,
	ldapMgr ldap.Manager,
	uaacMgr uaac.Manager) UserMgr

NewUserManager -


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