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const (
	MIMEJSON              = "application/json"
	MIMEHTML              = "text/html"
	MIMEXML               = "application/xml"
	MIMEXML2              = "text/xml"
	MIMEPlain             = "text/plain"
	MIMEPOSTForm          = "application/x-www-form-urlencoded"
	MIMEMultipartPOSTForm = "multipart/form-data"


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var (
	JSON          = jsonBinding{}
	XML           = xmlBinding{}
	Form          = formBinding{}
	FormPost      = formPostBinding{}
	FormMultipart = formMultipartBinding{}


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type Binding

type Binding interface {
	Name() string
	Bind(*http.Request, interface{}) error

func Default

func Default(method, contentType string) Binding

type StructValidator

type StructValidator interface {
	// ValidateStruct can receive any kind of type and it should never panic, even if the configuration is not right.
	// If the received type is not a struct, any validation should be skipped and nil must be returned.
	// If the received type is a struct or pointer to a struct, the validation should be performed.
	// If the struct is not valid or the validation itself fails, a descriptive error should be returned.
	// Otherwise nil must be returned.
	ValidateStruct(interface{}) error
var Validator StructValidator = &defaultValidator{}

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