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var (
	StandardFormat         = NewFormat("", "", `"`, "")
	StandardIndentedFormat = NewFormat("", "  ", `"`, "")
	MySQLFormat            = NewFormat("", "", "`", "")
	MySQLIndentedFormat    = NewFormat("", "  ", "`", "")

Built-in formats.

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var (
	LQuote = new(lquote)
	RQuote = new(rquote)
	SOL    = new(sol)
	EOL    = new(eol)
	Indent = new(indent)

Tokens that change behavior by setting Format.

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var (
	Space       = NewWord(" ")
	Wildcard    = NewWord("*")
	Placeholder = NewWord("?")
	Period      = NewWord(".")
	Comma       = NewWord(",")
	LParen      = NewWord("(")
	RParen      = NewWord(")")
	FuncLParen  = NewWord("(")
	FuncRParen  = NewWord(")")

Tokens that don't change behavior according to Format setting.


func Generate

func Generate(tokens Tokens, format Format) string

Generate converts the tokens to text according to format.


type Format

type Format struct {
	Prefix, Indent string
	IsBreaking     bool
	Quote, LineEnd string

Format is a setting for query building.

func NewFormat

func NewFormat(prefix, indent, quote, lineEnd string) Format

NewFormat returns a new Format for building queries.

type Token

type Token interface {
	Sprint(Format) string
	String() string

type Tokens

type Tokens []Token

func Flatten

func Flatten(tss ...Tokens) Tokens

func NewTokens

func NewTokens(tokens ...Token) Tokens

func Placeholders

func Placeholders(i int) Tokens

func Repeat

func Repeat(t Token, n int) Tokens

func (Tokens) Append

func (ts Tokens) Append(tokens ...Token) Tokens

func (Tokens) Sprint

func (ts Tokens) Sprint(format Format) string

type Word

type Word string

func NewWord

func NewWord(char string) *Word

func (Word) Sprint

func (w Word) Sprint(format Format) string

func (Word) String

func (w Word) String() string

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