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type ArrayOfOrderData

type ArrayOfOrderData []models.Order

type OrderDataResult

type OrderDataResult httpsrv.ResultAnsw

type OrderV1

type OrderV1 struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewOrderV1

func NewOrderV1(ctx *context.Context, orm *orm.ORM, userV1 *userv1.UserV1, objectV1 *objectv1.ObjectV1, profileV1 *profilev1.ProfileV1,
	techtaskV1 *techtaskv1.TechTaskV1) (*OrderV1, error)

func (*OrderV1) CreateOrder

func (o *OrderV1) CreateOrder(request *models.Order) (*models.Order, error)

func (*OrderV1) GetOrderByID

func (o *OrderV1) GetOrderByID(id int64) (data *models.Order, err error)

func (*OrderV1) GetOrdersByUserID

func (o *OrderV1) GetOrdersByUserID(id int64) (data *ArrayOfOrderData, err error)

func (*OrderV1) HardDeleteOrderByID

func (u *OrderV1) HardDeleteOrderByID(id int64) (err error)

func (*OrderV1) OrderDeleteHandler

func (o *OrderV1) OrderDeleteHandler(ec echo.Context) (err error)

func (*OrderV1) OrderGetHandler

func (o *OrderV1) OrderGetHandler(ec echo.Context) (err error)

func (OrderV1) OrderPostHandler

func (o OrderV1) OrderPostHandler(ec echo.Context) (err error)

func (*OrderV1) OrderPutHandler

func (o *OrderV1) OrderPutHandler(ec echo.Context) (err error)

func (*OrderV1) OrderSignStaffPostHandler

func (o *OrderV1) OrderSignStaffPostHandler(ec echo.Context) (err error)

func (*OrderV1) OrderSignSuperviserPostHandler

func (o *OrderV1) OrderSignSuperviserPostHandler(ec echo.Context) (err error)

func (*OrderV1) OrdersGetByUserIDHandler

func (o *OrderV1) OrdersGetByUserIDHandler(ec echo.Context) (err error)

func (*OrderV1) SoftDeleteOrderByID

func (u *OrderV1) SoftDeleteOrderByID(id int64) (err error)

func (*OrderV1) UpdateOrderByID

func (u *OrderV1) UpdateOrderByID(id int64, patch *[]byte) (writeData *models.Order, err error)

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