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const (
	Locked         = "locked"
	NotIncluded    = "not included"
	Excluded       = "excluded"
	DifferentImage = "a different image"
	NotInCluster   = "not running in cluster"
	NotInRepo      = "not found in repository"
	ImageNotFound  = "cannot find one or more images"
	ImageUpToDate  = "image(s) up to date"
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const FluxDaemonName = "fluxd"
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const FluxServiceName = "fluxsvc"


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func CollectAvailableImages

func CollectAvailableImages(inst *instance.Instance, updateable []*ServiceUpdate) (instance.ImageMap, error)

CollectAvailableImages is a convenient shim to `instance.CollectAvailableImages`.

func LockedServices

func LockedServices(config instance.Config) flux.ServiceIDSet

func NewStageTimer

func NewStageTimer(stage string) *metrics.Timer

func PrintResults

func PrintResults(out io.Writer, results flux.ReleaseResult, verbose bool)


type ExcludeFilter

type ExcludeFilter struct {
	IDs []flux.ServiceID

func (*ExcludeFilter) Filter

type IncludeFilter

type IncludeFilter struct {
	IDs []flux.ServiceID

func (*IncludeFilter) Filter

type LockedFilter

type LockedFilter struct {
	IDs []flux.ServiceID

func (*LockedFilter) Filter

type ReleaseContext

type ReleaseContext struct {
	Instance   *instance.Instance
	WorkingDir string

func NewReleaseContext

func NewReleaseContext(inst *instance.Instance) *ReleaseContext

func (*ReleaseContext) Clean

func (rc *ReleaseContext) Clean()

func (*ReleaseContext) CloneRepo

func (rc *ReleaseContext) CloneRepo() error

func (*ReleaseContext) CommitAndPush

func (rc *ReleaseContext) CommitAndPush(msg string) error

func (*ReleaseContext) FindDefinedServices

func (rc *ReleaseContext) FindDefinedServices() ([]*ServiceUpdate, error)

func (*ReleaseContext) PushChanges

func (rc *ReleaseContext) PushChanges(updates []*ServiceUpdate, spec *flux.ReleaseSpec) error

func (*ReleaseContext) RepoPath

func (rc *ReleaseContext) RepoPath() string

func (*ReleaseContext) SelectServices

func (rc *ReleaseContext) SelectServices(results flux.ReleaseResult, logStatus statusFn, filters ...ServiceFilter) ([]*ServiceUpdate, error)

SelectServices finds the services that exist both in the definition files and the running platform.

ServiceFilter's can be provided to filter the found services. Be careful about the ordering of the filters. Filters that are earlier in the slice will have higher priority (they are run first).

type Releaser

type Releaser struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewReleaser

func NewReleaser(
	instancer instance.Instancer,
) *Releaser

func (*Releaser) Handle

func (r *Releaser) Handle(job *jobs.Job, updater jobs.JobUpdater) ([]jobs.Job, error)

type ServiceFilter

type ServiceFilter interface {
	Filter(ServiceUpdate) flux.ServiceResult

type ServiceUpdate

type ServiceUpdate struct {
	ServiceID     flux.ServiceID
	Service       platform.Service
	ManifestPath  string
	ManifestBytes []byte
	Updates       []flux.ContainerUpdate

type SpecificImageFilter

type SpecificImageFilter struct {
	Img flux.ImageID

func (*SpecificImageFilter) Filter

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