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Published: Jun 20, 2019 License: Apache-2.0



These are the building blocks for this and many of our other repositories to share code for Makefiles, helper scripts and other build related machinery.


make/ directory contains several predefined makefiles (*.mk) to choose from and include one of them as a base in your final Makefile. These are the predefined flows providing you with e.g. build, test or verify targets. To start with it is recommended you base Makefile on the corresponding * using copy&paste.

As some advanced targets are generated, every Makefile contains make help target listing all the available ones. All of the "example" makefiles have a corresponding .help file listing all the targets available there.

Also for advanced use and if none of the predefined flows doesn't fit your needs, you can compose the flow from modules in similar way to how the predefined flows do,


Standard makefile for building pure Golang projects.


Standard makefile for OpenShift Golang projects.

Extends #Golang.


Standard makefile for OpenShift Golang projects.

Extends #Default.


scripts contain more complicated logic that is used in some make targets.

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