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const (
	DefaultContextLines = 3


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type Chunk

type Chunk interface {
	// Content contains the portion of the file.
	Content() string
	// Type contains the Operation to do with this Chunk.
	Type() Operation

Chunk represents a portion of a file transformation to another.

type File

type File interface {
	// Hash returns the File Hash.
	Hash() plumbing.Hash
	// Mode returns the FileMode.
	Mode() filemode.FileMode
	// Path returns the complete Path to the file, including the filename.
	Path() string

File contains all the file metadata necessary to print some patch formats.

type FilePatch

type FilePatch interface {
	// IsBinary returns true if this patch is representing a binary file.
	IsBinary() bool
	// Files returns the from and to Files, with all the necessary metadata to
	// about them. If the patch creates a new file, "from" will be nil.
	// If the patch deletes a file, "to" will be nil.
	Files() (from, to File)
	// Chunks returns a slice of ordered changes to transform "from" File to
	// "to" File. If the file is a binary one, Chunks will be empty.
	Chunks() []Chunk

FilePatch represents the necessary steps to transform one file to another.

type Operation

type Operation int

Operation defines the operation of a diff item.

const (
	// Equal item represents a equals diff.
	Equal Operation = iota
	// Add item represents an insert diff.
	// Delete item represents a delete diff.

type Patch

type Patch interface {
	// FilePatches returns a slice of patches per file.
	FilePatches() []FilePatch
	// Message returns an optional message that can be at the top of the
	// Patch representation.
	Message() string

Patch represents a collection of steps to transform several files.

type UnifiedEncoder

type UnifiedEncoder struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

UnifiedEncoder encodes an unified diff into the provided Writer. There are some unsupported features:

  • Similarity index for renames
  • Sort hash representation

func NewUnifiedEncoder

func NewUnifiedEncoder(w io.Writer, ctxLines int) *UnifiedEncoder

func (*UnifiedEncoder) Encode

func (e *UnifiedEncoder) Encode(patch Patch) error

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