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StorageSvc consists of 3 components

  • Storage http request handler
  • StowClient
  • ArchivePruner


This is the HTTP handler that serves requests to :

  • upload archive into a storage
  • fetch an archive from storage
  • delete archive from storage


This is the storage interface layer that interacts with stow package. It provides methods to:

  • write a file to storage
  • retrieve a file from storage
  • delete a file from storage
  • get all files on storage


This acts like a cron job to clean up orphaned archives from storage. By default configured to run every hour. The value can be set in Values.yaml to any preferred interval.




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const (
	StorageTypeLocal StorageType = "local"
	PaginationSize   int         = 10


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var (
	ErrNotFound                = errors.New("not found")
	ErrRetrievingItem          = errors.New("unable to retrieve item")
	ErrOpeningItem             = errors.New("unable to open item")
	ErrWritingFile             = errors.New("unable to write file")
	ErrWritingFileIntoResponse = errors.New("unable to copy item into http response")


This section is empty.


type ArchivePruner

type ArchivePruner struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func MakeArchivePruner

func MakeArchivePruner(logger *zap.Logger, stowClient *StowClient, pruneInterval time.Duration) (*ArchivePruner, error)

func (*ArchivePruner) Start

func (pruner *ArchivePruner) Start()

Start starts a go routine that listens to a channel for archive IDs that need to deleted. Also wakes up at regular intervals to make a list of archive IDs that need to be reaped and sends them over to the channel for deletion

type StorageService

type StorageService struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func MakeStorageService

func MakeStorageService(logger *zap.Logger, storageClient *StowClient, port int) *StorageService

func RunStorageService

func RunStorageService(logger *zap.Logger, storageType StorageType, storagePath string, containerName string, port int, enablePruner bool) *StorageService

func (*StorageService) Start

func (ss *StorageService) Start(port int)

type StorageType

type StorageType string

type StowClient

type StowClient struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func MakeStowClient

func MakeStowClient(logger *zap.Logger, storageType StorageType, storagePath string, containerName string) (*StowClient, error)

type UploadResponse

type UploadResponse struct {
	ID string `json:"id"`


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