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This is a tool to interact with Apigee APIs for Apigee hybrid. The tool lets you manage (Create,Get, List, Update, Delete, Export and Import) Apigee entities like proxies, products etc. The tools also helps you create Service Accounts in Google IAM to operate Apigee hybrid runtime.


apigeecli is a binary and you can download the appropriate one for your platform from here

NOTE: Supported platforms are:

  • Darwin
  • Windows
  • Linux

What you need to know about apigeecli

You must have an account on Apigee Hybrid to perform any apigeecli functions. These functions include: proxies, API Products, Environments, Org details etc.

You need to be familiar with basic concepts and features of Apigee Edge such as API proxies, organizations, and environments.

For more information, refer to the Apigee API Reference.

Service Account

Create a service account with appropriate persmissions. Refer to this link for more details on how to download the JSON file.

Access Token

apigeecli can use the service account directly and obtain an access token.

apigeecli token gen -a serviceaccount.json 

Parameters The following parameters are supported. See Common Reference for a list of additional parameters.

  • --account -a (required) Service Account in json format

Use this access token for all subsequent calls (token expires in 1 hour)

Command Reference

The following options are available for security

Pass the access token

apigeecli <flags> -t $TOKEN

Pass the service account

apigeecli <flags> -a orgadmin.json

Access Token Caching

apigeecli caches the OAuth Access token for subsequent calls (until the token expires). The access token is stored in $HOME/.access_token. This path must be readable/writeable by the apigeecli process.

apigeecli token cache -a serviceaccount.json

Subsequent commands do not need the token flag

Apigee Client Library

apigeecli is can also be used as a golang based client library. Look at this sample for more details

Available Commands

Here is a list of available commands


This is not an officially supported Google product


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