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const (

	// label names
	ContainerlabLabel = "containerlab"
	NodeNameLabel     = "clab-node-name"
	NodeKindLabel     = "clab-node-kind"
	NodeTypeLabel     = "clab-node-type"
	NodeGroupLabel    = "clab-node-group"
	NodeLabDirLabel   = "clab-node-lab-dir"
	TopoFileLabel     = "clab-topo-file"


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func AddVxLanInterface

func AddVxLanInterface(vxlan VxLAN) (err error)

AddVxLanInterface creates VxLan interface by given vxlan object

func AppendHostsFileEntries added in v0.16.2

func AppendHostsFileEntries(containers []types.GenericContainer, labname string) error

func DeleteEntriesFromHostsFile added in v0.16.2

func DeleteEntriesFromHostsFile(labname string) error

func GetLinksByNamePrefix added in v0.14.0

func GetLinksByNamePrefix(prefix string) ([]netlink.Link, error)

GetLinksByNamePrefix returns a list of links whose name matches a prefix

func SetIngressMirror

func SetIngressMirror(src, dst string) (err error)

SetIngressMirror sets TC to mirror ingress from given port as MirrorIngress.


type CLab

type CLab struct {
	Config   *Config
	TopoFile *TopoFile

	Nodes    map[string]nodes.Node
	Links    map[int]*types.Link
	Runtimes map[string]runtime.ContainerRuntime

	Dir *Directory
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewContainerLab

func NewContainerLab(opts ...ClabOption) (*CLab, error)

NewContainerLab function defines a new container lab

func (*CLab) CheckResources

func (c *CLab) CheckResources() error

CheckResources runs container host resources check

func (*CLab) CheckTopologyDefinition

func (c *CLab) CheckTopologyDefinition(ctx context.Context) error

CheckTopologyDefinition runs topology checks and returns any errors found

func (c *CLab) CreateLinks(ctx context.Context, workers uint, postdeploy bool)

CreateLinks creates links using the specified number of workers `postdeploy` indicates the stage of links creation. `postdeploy=true` means the links routine is called after nodes postdeploy tasks

func (*CLab) CreateNodes

func (c *CLab) CreateNodes(ctx context.Context, maxWorkers uint,
	serialNodes map[string]struct{}) (*sync.WaitGroup, *sync.WaitGroup)

CreateNodes will schedule nodes creation returns waitgroups for nodes with static and dynamic IPs, since static nodes are scheduled first

func (*CLab) CreateVirtualWiring

func (c *CLab) CreateVirtualWiring(l *types.Link) (err error)

CreateVirtualWiring creates the virtual topology between the containers

func (c *CLab) DeleteNetnsSymlinks() (err error)

DeleteNetnsSymlinks deletes the symlink file created for each container netns

func (*CLab) DeleteNodes added in v0.15.0

func (c *CLab) DeleteNodes(ctx context.Context, workers uint, deleteCandidates map[string]nodes.Node, serialNodes map[string]struct{})

func (*CLab) GenerateGraph

func (c *CLab) GenerateGraph(topo string) error

GenerateGraph generates a graph of the lab topology

func (*CLab) GenerateInventories

func (c *CLab) GenerateInventories() error

GenerateInventories generate various inventory files and writes it to a lab location

func (*CLab) GetNodeRuntime added in v0.15.0

func (c *CLab) GetNodeRuntime(query string) (runtime.ContainerRuntime, error)

func (*CLab) GetTopology

func (c *CLab) GetTopology(topo string) error

GetTopology parses the topology file into c.Conf structure as well as populates the TopoFile structure with the topology file related information

func (*CLab) GlobalRuntime added in v0.15.0

func (c *CLab) GlobalRuntime() runtime.ContainerRuntime

func (*CLab) ListContainers

func (c *CLab) ListContainers(ctx context.Context, labels []*types.GenericFilter) ([]types.GenericContainer, error)

func (*CLab) NewEndpoint

func (c *CLab) NewEndpoint(e string) *types.Endpoint

NewEndpoint initializes a new endpoint object

func (c *CLab) NewLink(l *types.LinkConfig) *types.Link

NewLink initializes a new link object

func (*CLab) NewNode

func (c *CLab) NewNode(nodeName, nodeRuntime string, nodeDef *types.NodeDefinition, idx int) error

NewNode initializes a new node object

func (*CLab) VerifyContainersUniqueness

func (c *CLab) VerifyContainersUniqueness(ctx context.Context) error

VerifyContainersUniqueness ensures that nodes defined in the topology do not have names of the existing containers additionally it checks that the lab name is unique and no containers are currently running with the same lab name label

func (*CLab) VerifyImages

func (c *CLab) VerifyImages(ctx context.Context) error

VerifyImages will check if image referred in the node config either pullable or is available in the local image store

type ClabOption

type ClabOption func(c *CLab)

func WithKeepMgmtNet added in v0.15.0

func WithKeepMgmtNet() ClabOption

func WithRuntime added in v0.14.0

func WithRuntime(name string, rtconfig *runtime.RuntimeConfig) ClabOption

func WithTimeout

func WithTimeout(dur time.Duration) ClabOption

func WithTopoFile

func WithTopoFile(file string) ClabOption

type Config

type Config struct {
	Name       string          `json:"name,omitempty"`
	Prefix     *string         `json:"prefix,omitempty"`
	Mgmt       *types.MgmtNet  `json:"mgmt,omitempty"`
	Topology   *types.Topology `json:"topology,omitempty"`
	ConfigPath string          `yaml:"config_path,omitempty"`

Config defines lab configuration as it is provided in the YAML file

type Directory

type Directory struct {
	Lab       string
	LabCA     string
	LabCARoot string
	LabGraph  string

type TopoFile

type TopoFile struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

TopoFile type is a struct which defines parameters of the topology file

type VxLAN

type VxLAN struct {
	Name     string // interface name
	ParentIf string // parent interface name
	ID       int    // VxLan ID
	Remote   net.IP // VxLan destination address
	MTU      int    // VxLan Interface MTU (with VxLan encap), used mirroring
	UDPPort  int    // VxLan UDP port (src/dest, no range, single value)

VxLAN is a structure to describe vxlan endpoint adopted from


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