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const (
	// StatusUnknown "STATUS_UNKNOWN" - Status of the build is unknown.
	StatusUnknown = "STATUS_UNKNOWN"

	// StatusQueued "QUEUED" - Build is queued; work has not yet begun.
	StatusQueued = "QUEUED"

	// StatusWorking "WORKING" - Build is being executed.
	StatusWorking = "WORKING"

	// StatusSuccess  "SUCCESS" - Build finished successfully.
	StatusSuccess = "SUCCESS"

	// StatusFailure  "FAILURE" - Build failed to complete successfully.
	StatusFailure = "FAILURE"

	// StatusInternalError  "INTERNAL_ERROR" - Build failed due to an internal cause.
	StatusInternalError = "INTERNAL_ERROR"

	// StatusTimeout  "TIMEOUT" - Build took longer than was allowed.
	StatusTimeout = "TIMEOUT"

	// StatusCancelled  "CANCELLED" - Build was canceled by a user.
	StatusCancelled = "CANCELLED"

	// RetryDelay is the time to wait in between polling the status of the cloud build
	RetryDelay = 1 * time.Second


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type Builder

type Builder struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Builder builds artifacts with Google Cloud Build.

func NewBuilder

func NewBuilder(runCtx *runcontext.RunContext) *Builder

NewBuilder creates a new Builder that builds artifacts with Google Cloud Build.

func (*Builder) Build

func (b *Builder) Build(ctx context.Context, out io.Writer, tags tag.ImageTags, artifacts []*latest.Artifact) ([]build.Artifact, error)

Build builds a list of artifacts with Google Cloud Build.

func (*Builder) DependenciesForArtifact

func (b *Builder) DependenciesForArtifact(ctx context.Context, a *latest.Artifact) ([]string, error)

DependenciesForArtifact returns the dependencies for this artifact

func (*Builder) Labels

func (b *Builder) Labels() map[string]string

Labels are labels specific to Google Cloud Build.

func (*Builder) Prune

func (b *Builder) Prune(ctx context.Context, out io.Writer) error

func (*Builder) SyncMap

func (b *Builder) SyncMap(ctx context.Context, artifact *latest.Artifact) (map[string][]string, error)