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func SetMaxImg added in v1.0.9

func SetMaxImg(x int)

SetMaxImg sets the maximum number of threads that are allowed to have an open image.


type GameListXML

type GameListXML struct {
	XMLName  xml.Name   `xml:"gameList"`
	GameList []*GameXML `xml:"game"`

GameListXML is the structure used to export the gamelist.xml file.

func (*GameListXML) Append

func (gl *GameListXML) Append(g *GameXML)

Append appeads a GameXML to the GameList.

type GameOpts

type GameOpts struct {
	// AddNotFound instructs the scraper to create a Game even if the game isn't in the sources.
	AddNotFound bool
	// NoPrettyName instructs the scraper to leave the name as the name in the source.
	NoPrettyName bool
	// UseFilename instructs the scraper to use the filename minus extension as the xml name.
	UseFilename bool
	// NoStripUnicode instructs the scraper to not strip out unicode characters.
	NoStripUnicode bool
	// OverviewLen is the max length allowed for a overview. 0 means no limit.
	OverviewLen int

GameOpts represents the options for creating Game information.

type GameXML

type GameXML struct {
	XMLName     xml.Name `xml:"game"`
	ID          string   `xml:"id,attr"`
	Source      string   `xml:"source,attr"`
	Path        string   `xml:"path"`
	GameTitle   string   `xml:"name"`
	Overview    string   `xml:"desc"`
	Image       string   `xml:"image,omitempty"`
	Thumb       string   `xml:"thumbnail,omitempty"`
	Rating      float64  `xml:"rating,omitempty"`
	ReleaseDate string   `xml:"releasedate"`
	Developer   string   `xml:"developer"`
	Publisher   string   `xml:"publisher"`
	Genre       string   `xml:"genre"`
	Players     string   `xml:"players,omitempty"`
	PlayCount   string   `xml:"playcount,omitempty"`
	LastPlayed  string   `xml:"lastplayed,omitempty"`
	Favorite    string   `xml:"favorite,omitempty"`
	Marquee     string   `xml:"marquee,omitempty"`
	Video       string   `xml:"video,omitempty"`
	CloneOf     string   `xml:"cloneof,omitempty"`
	Hidden      string   `xml:"hidden,omitempty"`
	KidGame     string   `xml:"kidgame,omitempty"`

GameXML is the object used to export the <game> elements of the gamelist.xml.

type ROM

type ROM struct {
	Path      string
	Dir       string
	BaseName  string
	FileName  string
	CleanName string
	Ext       string
	Bins      []string
	Cue       bool
	Game      *ds.Game
	NotFound  bool

ROM stores information about the ROM.

func NewROM

func NewROM(p string) (*ROM, error)

NewROM creates a new ROM and populates path and bin information.

func (*ROM) GetGame

func (r *ROM) GetGame(ctx context.Context, data []ds.DS, opts *GameOpts) error

GetGame attempts to populates the Game from data sources in oder.

func (*ROM) XML

func (r *ROM) XML(ctx context.Context, opts *XMLOpts) (*GameXML, error)

XML creates the XML for the ROM after the Game has been populates.

type XMLOpts

type XMLOpts struct {
	// RomDir is the base directory for scraping rom files.
	RomDir string
	// RomXMLDir is the base directory where roms will be located on the target system.
	RomXMLDir string
	// NestImgDir if true tells the scraper to use the same directory structure of roms for rom images.
	NestImgDir bool
	// ImgDir is the base directory for downloading images.
	ImgDir string
	// ImgXMLDir is the directory where images will be located on the target system.
	ImgXMLDir string
	// ImgPriority is the order or image preference when multiple images are avialable.
	ImgPriority []ds.ImgType
	// ImgSuffix is what will be appened to the end of the rom's name to name the image
	// ie rom.bin with suffix of "-image" results in rom-image.jpg
	ImgSuffix string
	// ThumbOnly tells the scraper to prefer thumbnail size images when available.
	ThumbOnly bool
	// NoDownload tells the scraper to not download images.
	NoDownload bool
	// ImgFormat is the format for the image, currently only "jpg" and "png" are supported.
	ImgFormat string
	// ImgWidth is the max width of images. Anything larger will be resized.
	ImgWidth uint
	// ImgHeight is the max height of images. Anything larger will be resized.
	ImgHeight    uint
	DownloadVid  bool
	VidPriority  []ds.VidType
	VidSuffix    string
	VidDir       string
	VidXMLDir    string
	VidConvert   bool
	DownloadMarq bool
	MarqSuffix   string
	MarqDir      string
	MarqXMLDir   string
	MarqFormat   string

XMLOpts represents the options for creating XML information.


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