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func Summarize

func Summarize(input io.Reader) (string, error)

Summarize reads the input into a TestSuites structure and summarizes the tests contained within, bringing attention to tests that did not succeed.


type JUnitReportOptions

type JUnitReportOptions struct {
	// BuilderType is the type of test suites builder to use
	BuilderType testSuitesBuilderType

	// RootSuiteNames is a list of root suites to be used for nested test suite output if
	// the root suite is to be more specific than the suite name without any suite delimeters
	// i.e. if `` is to be used instead of ``
	RootSuiteNames []string

	// ParserType is the parser type that will be used to parse test output
	ParserType testParserType

	// Stream determines if package result lines should be printed to the output as they are found
	Stream bool

	// Input is the reader for the test output to be parsed
	Input io.Reader

	// Output is the writer for the file to which the XML is written
	Output io.Writer

func (*JUnitReportOptions) Complete

func (o *JUnitReportOptions) Complete(builderType, parserType string, rootSuiteNames []string) error

func (*JUnitReportOptions) Run

func (o *JUnitReportOptions) Run() error

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