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A Go implementation of SCTP

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See for an overview of features and future goals.


The library is used as a part of our WebRTC implementation. Please refer to that roadmap to track our major milestones.


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Package sctp implements the SCTP spec



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const (
	// ReliabilityTypeReliable is used for reliable transmission
	ReliabilityTypeReliable byte = 0
	// ReliabilityTypeRexmit is used for partial reliability by retransmission count
	ReliabilityTypeRexmit byte = 1
	// ReliabilityTypeTimed is used for partial reliability by retransmission duration
	ReliabilityTypeTimed byte = 2


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type Association

type Association struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Association represents an SCTP association 13.2. Parameters Necessary per Association (i.e., the TCB) Peer : Tag value to be sent in every packet and is received Verification: in the INIT or INIT ACK chunk. Tag :

My : Tag expected in every inbound packet and sent in the Verification: INIT or INIT ACK chunk.

Tag : State : A state variable indicating what state the association


  Note: No "CLOSED" state is illustrated since if a
  association is "CLOSED" its TCB SHOULD be removed.

func Client

func Client(config Config) (*Association, error)

Client opens a SCTP stream over a conn

func Server

func Server(config Config) (*Association, error)

Server accepts a SCTP stream over a conn

func (*Association) AcceptStream

func (a *Association) AcceptStream() (*Stream, error)

AcceptStream accepts a stream

func (*Association) BytesReceived

func (a *Association) BytesReceived() uint64

BytesReceived returns the number of bytes received

func (*Association) BytesSent

func (a *Association) BytesSent() uint64

BytesSent returns the number of bytes sent

func (*Association) Close

func (a *Association) Close() error

Close ends the SCTP Association and cleans up any state

func (*Association) OpenStream

func (a *Association) OpenStream(streamIdentifier uint16, defaultPayloadType PayloadProtocolIdentifier) (*Stream, error)

OpenStream opens a stream

type Config

type Config struct {
	NetConn              net.Conn
	MaxReceiveBufferSize uint32
	LoggerFactory        logging.LoggerFactory

Config collects the arguments to createAssociation construction into a single structure

type PayloadProtocolIdentifier

type PayloadProtocolIdentifier uint32

PayloadProtocolIdentifier is an enum for DataChannel payload types

const (
	PayloadTypeWebRTCDCEP        PayloadProtocolIdentifier = 50
	PayloadTypeWebRTCString      PayloadProtocolIdentifier = 51
	PayloadTypeWebRTCBinary      PayloadProtocolIdentifier = 53
	PayloadTypeWebRTCStringEmpty PayloadProtocolIdentifier = 56
	PayloadTypeWebRTCBinaryEmpty PayloadProtocolIdentifier = 57

PayloadProtocolIdentifier enums

func (PayloadProtocolIdentifier) String

func (p PayloadProtocolIdentifier) String() string

type Stream

type Stream struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Stream represents an SCTP stream

func (*Stream) BufferedAmount

func (s *Stream) BufferedAmount() uint64

BufferedAmount returns the number of bytes of data currently queued to be sent over this stream.

func (*Stream) BufferedAmountLowThreshold

func (s *Stream) BufferedAmountLowThreshold() uint64

BufferedAmountLowThreshold returns the number of bytes of buffered outgoing data that is considered "low." Defaults to 0.

func (*Stream) Close

func (s *Stream) Close() error

Close closes the write-direction of the stream. Future calls to Write are not permitted after calling Close.

func (*Stream) OnBufferedAmountLow

func (s *Stream) OnBufferedAmountLow(f func())

OnBufferedAmountLow sets the callback handler which would be called when the number of bytes of outgoing data buffered is lower than the threshold.

func (*Stream) Read

func (s *Stream) Read(p []byte) (int, error)

Read reads a packet of len(p) bytes, dropping the Payload Protocol Identifier. Returns EOF when the stream is reset or an error if the stream is closed otherwise.

func (*Stream) ReadSCTP

func (s *Stream) ReadSCTP(p []byte) (int, PayloadProtocolIdentifier, error)

ReadSCTP reads a packet of len(p) bytes and returns the associated Payload Protocol Identifier. Returns EOF when the stream is reset or an error if the stream is closed otherwise.

func (*Stream) SetBufferedAmountLowThreshold

func (s *Stream) SetBufferedAmountLowThreshold(th uint64)

SetBufferedAmountLowThreshold is used to update the threshold. See BufferedAmountLowThreshold().

func (*Stream) SetDefaultPayloadType

func (s *Stream) SetDefaultPayloadType(defaultPayloadType PayloadProtocolIdentifier)

SetDefaultPayloadType sets the default payload type used by Write.

func (*Stream) SetReliabilityParams

func (s *Stream) SetReliabilityParams(unordered bool, relType byte, relVal uint32)

SetReliabilityParams sets reliability parameters for this stream.

func (*Stream) StreamIdentifier

func (s *Stream) StreamIdentifier() uint16

StreamIdentifier returns the Stream identifier associated to the stream.

func (*Stream) Write

func (s *Stream) Write(p []byte) (n int, err error)

Write writes len(p) bytes from p with the default Payload Protocol Identifier

func (*Stream) WriteSCTP

func (s *Stream) WriteSCTP(p []byte, ppi PayloadProtocolIdentifier) (n int, err error)

WriteSCTP writes len(p) bytes from p to the DTLS connection

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