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func CreateCgroups

func CreateCgroups(root string, enabledCgroups map[int][]string) error

CreateCgroups mounts the cgroup controllers hierarchy in /sys/fs/cgroup under root

func GetControllerDirs added in v0.9.0

func GetControllerDirs(cgroups map[int][]string) []string

GetControllerDirs takes a map with the enabled cgroup controllers grouped by hierarchy and returns the directory names as they should be in /sys/fs/cgroup

func GetEnabledCgroups added in v0.9.0

func GetEnabledCgroups() (map[int][]string, error)

GetEnabledCgroups returns a map with the enabled cgroup controllers grouped by hierarchy

func GetOwnCgroupPath

func GetOwnCgroupPath(controller string) (string, error)

GetOwnCgroupPath returns the cgroup path of this process in controller hierarchy

func IsControllerMounted added in v0.9.0

func IsControllerMounted(c string) bool

IsControllerMounted returns whether a controller is mounted by checking that cgroup.procs is accessible

func IsIsolatorSupported

func IsIsolatorSupported(isolator string) bool

IsIsolatorSupported returns whether an isolator is supported in the kernel

func JoinSubcgroup added in v0.9.0

func JoinSubcgroup(controller string, subcgroup string) error

JoinCgroup makes the calling process join the subcgroup hierarchy on a particular controller

func MaybeAddIsolator

func MaybeAddIsolator(opts []*unit.UnitOption, isolator string, limit *resource.Quantity) ([]*unit.UnitOption, error)

MaybeAddIsolator considers the given isolator; if the type is known (i.e. IsIsolatorSupported is true) and the limit is non-nil, the supplied opts will be extended with an appropriate option implementing the desired isolation.

func RemountCgroupsRO added in v0.9.0

func RemountCgroupsRO(root string, enabledCgroups map[int][]string, subcgroup string, serviceNames []string) error

RemountCgroupsRO remounts the cgroup hierarchy under root read-only, leaving the needed knobs in the subcgroup for each app read-write so the systemd inside stage1 can apply isolators to them


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