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type Arc

type Arc struct {
	Type          string `xml:"type"`
	SourceId      int    `xml:"sourceId"`
	DestinationId int    `xml:"destinationId"`
	Multiplicity  int    `xml:"multiplicity"`

type PFlow

type PFlow struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func LoadFile

func LoadFile(path string) (*PFlow, error)

func (*PFlow) Document

func (p *PFlow) Document() document

func (*PFlow) Marshal

func (p *PFlow) Marshal() ([]byte, error)

func (*PFlow) Unmarshal

func (p *PFlow) Unmarshal(data []byte) error

type Place

type Place struct {
	Id       int    `xml:"id"`
	X        int    `xml:"x"`
	Y        int    `xml:"y"`
	Label    string `xml:"label"`
	Tokens   uint64 `xml:"tokens"`
	IsStatic bool   `xml:"isStatic"`
	Capacity uint64 `xml:"capacity"`

type ReferenceArc

type ReferenceArc struct {
	PlaceId  int `xml:"placeId"`
	SubnetId int `xml:"subnetId"`

type ReferencePlace

type ReferencePlace struct {
	Id               int `xml:"id"`
	X                int `xml:"x"`
	Y                int `xml:"y"`
	ConnectedPlaceId int `xml:"connectedPlaceId"`

type Role

type Role struct {
	Id            string         `xml:"id"`
	Name          string         `xml:"name"`
	TransitionIds []TransitionId `xml:"transitionId"`
	CreateCase    bool           `xml:"createCase"`
	DestroyCase   bool           `xml:"destroyCase"`

type SubNet

type SubNet struct {
	Id              string           `xml:"id"`
	X               int              `xml:"x"`
	Y               int              `xml:"y"`
	Label           string           `xml:"label"`
	Places          []Place          `xml:"place"`
	Transitions     []Transition     `xml:"transition"`
	Arcs            []Arc            `xml:"arc"`
	SubNets         []SubNet         `xml:"subnet"`
	ReferencePlaces []ReferencePlace `xml:"referencePlace"`
	ReferenceArcs   []ReferenceArc   `xml:"referenceArc"`

type Transition

type Transition struct {
	Id    int    `xml:"id"`
	X     int    `xml:"x"`
	Y     int    `xml:"y"`
	Label string `xml:"label"`

type TransitionId

type TransitionId int

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