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type Changeset

type Changeset []Correlation

Changeset stores many Correlation.

type Correlation

type Correlation struct {
	Existing *models.RecordConfig
	Desired  *models.RecordConfig
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Correlation stores a difference between two domains.

func (Correlation) String

func (c Correlation) String() string

type Differ

type Differ interface {
	// IncrementalDiff performs a diff on a record-by-record basis, and returns a sets for which records need to be created, deleted, or modified.
	IncrementalDiff(existing []*models.RecordConfig) (unchanged, create, toDelete, modify Changeset)
	// ChangedGroups performs a diff more appropriate for providers with a "RecordSet" model, where all records with the same name and type are grouped.
	// Individual record changes are often not useful in such scenarios. Instead we return a map of record keys to a list of change descriptions within that group.
	ChangedGroups(existing []*models.RecordConfig) map[models.RecordKey][]string

Differ is an interface for computing the difference between two zones.

func New

func New(dc *models.DomainConfig, extraValues ...func(*models.RecordConfig) map[string]string) Differ

New is a constructor for a Differ.

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