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Kubernetes Cloud Controller Manager for DigitalOcean

digitalocean-cloud-controller-manager is the Kubernetes cloud controller manager implementation for DigitalOcean. Read more about cloud controller managers here. Running digitalocean-cloud-controller-manager allows you to leverage many of the cloud provider features offered by DigitalOcean on your kubernetes clusters.

WARNING: this project is a work in progress and may not be production ready.


At the current state of Kubernetes, running cloud controller manager requires a few things:


Kubernetes version 1.7 or greater is required.


All kubernetes components specifying a cloud provider should set the flag --cloud-provider=external. This is required since the core kube-controller-manager will overlap with control loops running against cloud-controller-manager unless it is told that an external controller will handle those loops. At the time of writing this, the only components that need updating are:

  • kube-apiserver
  • kube-controller-manager
  • kubelets

WARNING: setting --cloud-provider=external will taint all nodes in a cluster with "", it is the responsibility of cloud controller managers to untaint those nodes once it has finished initializing them. This means that most pods will be left unscheduable until the cloud controller manager is running.

In the future, --cloud-provider=external will be the default. Learn more about the future of cloud providers in Kubernetes here.

Node hostnames must match the droplet name

By default, the kubelet will name nodes based on the node's hostname. On DigitalOcean, node hostnames are set based on the name of the droplet. If you decide to override the hostname on kubelets with --hostname-override, this will also override the node name in Kubernetes. It is importntant that the node name on Kubernetes matches the droplet name, otherwise cloud controller manager cannot find the corresponding droplet to nodes.

All droplets must have unique names

All droplet names in kubernetes must be unique since node names in kubernetes must be unique.

Implementation Details

Currently digital-cloud-controller-manager implements:

  • nodecontroller - updates nodes with cloud provider specific labels and addresses, also deletes kubernetes nodes when deleted on the cloud provider.
  • servicecontroller - responsible for creating LoadBalancers when a service of Type: LoadBalancer is created in Kubernetes.

In the future, it may implement:

  • volumecontroller - responsible for creating, deleting, attaching and detaching DO block storage.
  • routecontroller - responsible for creating firewall rules



To run digitalocean-cloud-controller-manager, you need a digitalocean access token. If you are already logged in, you can create one here. Ensure the token you create has both read and write access. Once you have an access token, you want to create a Kubernetes Secret.

If your token is abc123abc123abc123, then you want to base64 encode your token like so:

echo -n "abc123abc123abc123" | base64

and then insert the base64 encoded token into the secret file here, replacing the placeholder. The secret should look something like this:

apiVersion: v1
kind: Secret
  name: digitalocean
  namespace: kube-system
  access-token: "YWJjMTIzYWJjMTIzYWJjMTIz"

then simply run this command from the root of this repo:

kubectl apply -f releases/token.yml

You should now see the digitalocean secret in the kube-system namespace along with other secrets

$ kubectl -n kube-system get secrets
NAME                  TYPE                                  DATA      AGE
default-token-jskxx   3         18h
digitalocean          Opaque                                1         18h
cloud controller manager

Currently we only support alpha release of the digitalocean-cloud-controller-manager due to its active development. Run the alpha release like so

kubectl apply -f releases/alpha.yml


Here are some examples of how you could leverage digitalocean-cloud-controller-manager:


At DigitalOcean we value and love our community! If you have any issues or would like to contribute, feel free to open an issue/PR and cc any of the maintainers below.

  • Fatih Arslan - @fatih
  • Andrew Sy Kim - @andrewsykim


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