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func NewDriver

func NewDriver(machineName, storePath string) drivers.Driver

NewDriver instantiates a Rackspace driver.


type Client

type Client struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Client is a Rackspace specialization of the generic OpenStack driver.

func (*Client) Authenticate

func (c *Client) Authenticate(d *openstack.Driver) error

Authenticate creates a Rackspace-specific Gophercloud client.

func (*Client) GetInstanceIPAddresses added in v0.5.1

func (c *Client) GetInstanceIPAddresses(d *openstack.Driver) ([]openstack.IPAddress, error)

GetInstanceIPAddresses can be short-circuited with the server's AccessIPv4Addr on Rackspace.

func (*Client) StartInstance

func (c *Client) StartInstance(d *openstack.Driver) error

StartInstance is unfortunately not supported on Rackspace at this time.

func (*Client) StopInstance

func (c *Client) StopInstance(d *openstack.Driver) error

StopInstance is unfortunately not support on Rackspace at this time.

type Driver

type Driver struct {

	APIKey string

Driver is a machine driver for Rackspace. It's a specialization of the generic OpenStack one.

func (*Driver) DriverName

func (d *Driver) DriverName() string

DriverName returns the name of the driver

func (*Driver) GetCreateFlags added in v0.5.0

func (d *Driver) GetCreateFlags() []mcnflag.Flag

GetCreateFlags registers the "machine create" flags recognized by this driver, including their help text and defaults.

func (*Driver) SetConfigFromFlags

func (d *Driver) SetConfigFromFlags(flags drivers.DriverOptions) error

SetConfigFromFlags assigns and verifies the command-line arguments presented to the driver.

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