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const FailedWasCalled = "FailedWasCalled"


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type FakeUI

type FakeUI struct {
	Outputs                    []string
	WarnOutputs                []string
	Prompts                    []string
	PasswordPrompts            []string
	Inputs                     []string
	FailedWithUsage            bool
	FailedWithUsageCommandName string
	ShowConfigurationCalled    bool

func (*FakeUI) Ask

func (ui *FakeUI) Ask(prompt string, args ...interface{}) (answer string)

func (*FakeUI) AskForPassword

func (ui *FakeUI) AskForPassword(prompt string, args ...interface{}) (answer string)

func (*FakeUI) ClearOutputs

func (ui *FakeUI) ClearOutputs()

func (*FakeUI) ConfigFailure

func (ui *FakeUI) ConfigFailure(err error)

func (*FakeUI) Confirm

func (ui *FakeUI) Confirm(prompt string, args ...interface{}) bool

func (*FakeUI) ConfirmDelete

func (ui *FakeUI) ConfirmDelete(modelType, modelName string) bool

func (*FakeUI) ConfirmDeleteWithAssociations

func (ui *FakeUI) ConfirmDeleteWithAssociations(modelType, modelName string) bool

func (*FakeUI) DumpOutputs

func (ui *FakeUI) DumpOutputs() string

func (*FakeUI) DumpPrompts

func (ui *FakeUI) DumpPrompts() string

func (*FakeUI) DumpWarnOutputs

func (ui *FakeUI) DumpWarnOutputs() string

func (*FakeUI) FailWithUsage

func (ui *FakeUI) FailWithUsage(context *cli.Context)

func (*FakeUI) Failed

func (ui *FakeUI) Failed(message string, args ...interface{})

func (FakeUI) LoadingIndication

func (ui FakeUI) LoadingIndication()

func (*FakeUI) Ok

func (ui *FakeUI) Ok()

func (*FakeUI) PrintPaginator

func (ui *FakeUI) PrintPaginator(rows []string, err error)

func (*FakeUI) Say

func (ui *FakeUI) Say(message string, args ...interface{})

func (*FakeUI) ShowConfiguration

func (ui *FakeUI) ShowConfiguration(config configuration.Reader)

func (*FakeUI) Table

func (ui *FakeUI) Table(headers []string) term.Table

func (FakeUI) Wait

func (c FakeUI) Wait(duration time.Duration)

func (*FakeUI) Warn

func (ui *FakeUI) Warn(message string, args ...interface{})

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