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esuf is a utility for fixing ElasticSearch clusters with lots of UNASSIGNED shards. Its purpose is to offer a single command to run, which will examine ElasticSearch, and do its best to return it to a green state.

It iterates over all indices, finding any UNASSIGNED shards, and assigns them to an appropriate data node, based on the assignments of other shards in the index. It will not assign a shard to a data node that already has a shard. It will not assign replica shards until the corresponding primary shard is online.

NOTE: This takes a heavy-handed approach to bringing things online. If a primary shard is stuck in an UNASSGINED state, esuf will pass the allow_primary: true data to ElasticSearch, telling it to bring the primary online, even if it does not have the data for it. This may result in data loss to that shard of the index, but will get the cluster into a working state again.


go get


For discovering what's wrong with ElasticSearch:

./esuf -H

For fixing ElasticSearch:

./esuf -H --fix


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