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Package v1 contains API Schema definitions for the config.storageos.com v1 API group +kubebuilder:object:generate=true +groupName=config.storageos.com



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var (
	// GroupVersion is group version used to register these objects
	GroupVersion = schema.GroupVersion{Group: "config.storageos.com", Version: "v1"}

	// SchemeBuilder is used to add go types to the GroupVersionKind scheme
	SchemeBuilder = &scheme.Builder{GroupVersion: GroupVersion}

	// AddToScheme adds the types in this group-version to the given scheme.
	AddToScheme = SchemeBuilder.AddToScheme


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type OperatorConfig

type OperatorConfig struct {
	metav1.TypeMeta   `json:",inline"`
	metav1.ObjectMeta `json:"metadata,omitempty"`

	cfg.ControllerManagerConfigurationSpec `json:",inline"`

	// WebhookCertRefreshInterval is the interval at which the webhook cert is
	// refreshed.
	WebhookCertRefreshInterval *metav1.Duration `json:"webhookCertRefreshInterval,omitempty"`

	// WebhookServiceName is the service name of the webhook server.
	WebhookServiceName string `json:"webhookServiceName,omitempty"`

	// WebhookSecretRef is the secret reference that stores webhook secrets.
	WebhookSecretRef string `json:"webhookSecretRef,omitempty"`

	// ValidatingWebhookConfigRef is the reference of the validating webhook
	// configuration.
	ValidatingWebhookConfigRef string `json:"validatingWebhookConfigRef,omitempty"`

	// SerialExecutionStrategy forces the operator to install components serially.
	// Default behaviour is to install components in parallel.
	SerialExecutionStrategy bool `json:"serialExecutionStrategy,omitempty"`

OperatorConfig is the Schema for the operatorconfigs API

func (*OperatorConfig) DeepCopy

func (in *OperatorConfig) DeepCopy() *OperatorConfig

DeepCopy is an autogenerated deepcopy function, copying the receiver, creating a new OperatorConfig.

func (*OperatorConfig) DeepCopyInto

func (in *OperatorConfig) DeepCopyInto(out *OperatorConfig)

DeepCopyInto is an autogenerated deepcopy function, copying the receiver, writing into out. in must be non-nil.

func (*OperatorConfig) DeepCopyObject

func (in *OperatorConfig) DeepCopyObject() runtime.Object

DeepCopyObject is an autogenerated deepcopy function, copying the receiver, creating a new runtime.Object.

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