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type Adventure

type Adventure struct{}

Adventure represents the adventure game mode: Players with this game mode cannot edit the world (placing or breaking blocks).

type Creative

type Creative struct{}

Creative represents the creative game mode: Players with this game mode have infinite blocks and items and can break blocks instantly. Players with creative mode can also fly.

type GameMode

type GameMode interface {
	// contains filtered or unexported methods

GameMode represents a game mode that may be assigned to a player. Upon joining the world, players will be given the default game mode that the world holds. Game modes specify the way that a player interacts with and plays in the world.

type Spectator

type Spectator struct{}

Spectator represents the spectator game mode: Players with this game mode cannot interact with the world and cannot be seen by other players. Spectator players can fly, like creative mode, and can move through blocks.

type Survival

type Survival struct{}

Survival represents the survival game mode: Players with this game mode have limited supplies and can break blocks using only the right tools.

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