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type Methods

type Methods int

Methods is a receiver type.

func (*Methods) Chroot

func (t *Methods) Chroot(arguments *args.ChrootArgs, reply *int) error

Chroot performs a chroot with the specified arguments.

func (*Methods) HasNamespace

func (t *Methods) HasNamespace(arguments *args.HasNamespaceArgs, reply *int) error

HasNamespace checks if host namespace and container namespace are different and sets reply to 0 or 1.

func (*Methods) LoopDevice

func (t *Methods) LoopDevice(arguments *args.LoopArgs, reply *int) error

LoopDevice attaches a loop device with the specified arguments.

func (*Methods) Mkdir

func (t *Methods) Mkdir(arguments *args.MkdirArgs, reply *int) (err error)

Mkdir performs a mkdir with the specified arguments.

func (*Methods) Mount

func (t *Methods) Mount(arguments *args.MountArgs, reply *int) (err error)

Mount performs a mount with the specified arguments.

func (*Methods) SetFsID

func (t *Methods) SetFsID(arguments *args.SetFsIDArgs, reply *int) error

SetFsID sets filesystem uid and gid.

func (*Methods) SetHostname

func (t *Methods) SetHostname(arguments *args.HostnameArgs, reply *int) error

SetHostname sets hostname with the specified arguments.

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