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const RunScript = "/.singularity.d/actions/run"

RunScript is the default process argument


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func CreateLoop

func CreateLoop(file *os.File, offset, size uint64) (string, error)

CreateLoop associates a file to loop device and returns path of loop device used

func CreateOverlay

func CreateOverlay(bundlePath string) error

CreateOverlay creates a writable overlay

func DeleteBundle

func DeleteBundle(bundlePath string) error

DeleteBundle deletes bundle directory

func DeleteOverlay

func DeleteOverlay(bundlePath string) error

DeleteOverlay deletes overlay

func GenerateBundleConfig

func GenerateBundleConfig(bundlePath string, config *specs.Spec) (*generate.Generator, error)

GenerateBundleConfig generates a minimal OCI bundle directory with the provided OCI configuration or a default one if there is no configuration

func SaveBundleConfig

func SaveBundleConfig(bundlePath string, g *generate.Generator) error

SaveBundleConfig creates config.json in OCI bundle directory and saves OCI configuration


type Config

type Config string

Config is the OCI configuration path

func (Config) Path

func (c Config) Path() string

Path returns the OCI configuration path

type RootFs

type RootFs string

RootFs is the default root path for OCI bundle

func (RootFs) Path

func (r RootFs) Path() string

Path returns the root path inside bundle

type Volumes

type Volumes string

Volumes is the parent volumes path

func (Volumes) Path

func (v Volumes) Path() string

Path returns the volumes path inside bundle

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