This is the relay pool server for the syncthing project, which allows community hosted relaysrv's to join the public pool.

Servers that join the pool are then advertised to users of syncthing as potential connection points for those who are unable to connect directly due to NAT or firewall issues.

There is very little reason why you'd want to run this yourself, as relaypoolsrv is just used for announcement and lookup of public relay servers. If you are looking to setup a private or a public relay, please check the documentation for relaysrv, which also explains how to join the default public pool.

See relaypoolsrv -help for configuration options.

Third-party attributions

oschwald/geoip2-golang, oschwald/maxminddb-golang, Copyright (C) 2015 Gregory J. Oschwald.

lib/pq, Copyright (C) 2011-2013 'pq' Contributors Portions Copyright (C) 2011 Blake Mizerany.


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Package auto contains auto generated files for web assets.