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type ActionHandler

type ActionHandler struct {
	NodepoolGetter     v3.NodePoolsGetter
	ClusterClient      v3.ClusterInterface
	NodeTemplateGetter v3.NodeTemplatesGetter
	UserMgr            user.Manager
	ClusterManager     *clustermanager.Manager
	BackupClient       v3.EtcdBackupInterface

func (ActionHandler) BackupEtcdHandler

func (a ActionHandler) BackupEtcdHandler(actionName string, action *types.Action, apiContext *types.APIContext) error

func (ActionHandler) ClusterActionHandler

func (a ActionHandler) ClusterActionHandler(actionName string, action *types.Action, apiContext *types.APIContext) error

func (ActionHandler) ExportYamlHandler

func (a ActionHandler) ExportYamlHandler(actionName string, action *types.Action, apiContext *types.APIContext) error

func (ActionHandler) GenerateKubeconfigActionHandler

func (a ActionHandler) GenerateKubeconfigActionHandler(actionName string, action *types.Action, apiContext *types.APIContext) error

func (ActionHandler) ImportYamlHandler

func (a ActionHandler) ImportYamlHandler(actionName string, action *types.Action, apiContext *types.APIContext) error

func (ActionHandler) RestoreFromEtcdBackupHandler

func (a ActionHandler) RestoreFromEtcdBackupHandler(actionName string, action *types.Action, apiContext *types.APIContext) error

func (ActionHandler) RotateCertificates

func (a ActionHandler) RotateCertificates(actionName string, action *types.Action, apiContext *types.APIContext) error

type Formatter

type Formatter struct {
	KontainerDriverLister v3.KontainerDriverLister

func (*Formatter) Formatter

func (f *Formatter) Formatter(request *types.APIContext, resource *types.RawResource)

type ShellLinkHandler

type ShellLinkHandler struct {
	Proxy          http.Handler
	ClusterManager *clustermanager.Manager

func (*ShellLinkHandler) LinkHandler

func (s *ShellLinkHandler) LinkHandler(apiContext *types.APIContext, next types.RequestHandler) error

type Validator

type Validator struct {
	ClusterLister v3.ClusterLister

func (*Validator) Validator

func (v *Validator) Validator(request *types.APIContext, schema *types.Schema, data map[string]interface{}) error

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