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const (
	DefaultHost = ""

	DefaultUseHTTPS = true

	DefaultAllowInsecure = false

	DefaultAllowNTLM = true

	DefaultTLSServerName = ""

	// DefaultUser is used if there is no user given
	DefaultUser = "Administrator"

	// DefaultPort is used if there is no port given
	DefaultPort = 5986

	DefaultCACertFile = ""

	DefaultCertFile = ""

	DefaultKeyFile = ""

	// DefaultScriptPath is used as the path to copy the file to
	// for remote execution if not provided otherwise.
	DefaultScriptPath = "C:/Temp/terraform_%RAND%.cmd"

	// DefaultTimeout is used if there is no timeout given
	DefaultTimeoutString = "30s"
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const MaxUint32 = 4294967295


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func GetWinrmClient

func GetWinrmClient(config *Config) (winrmClient *winrm.Client, err error)

New creates a new communicator implementation over WinRM.

func IntInSlice

func IntInSlice(valid []int) schema.SchemaValidateFunc

func Provider

func Provider() *schema.Provider

func ValueOrIntBetween

func ValueOrIntBetween(value, min, max int) schema.SchemaValidateFunc


type Config

type Config struct {
	TerraformVersion string
	User             string
	Password         string
	Host             string
	Port             int
	HTTPS            bool
	Insecure         bool
	NTLM             bool
	TLSServerName    string
	CACert           []byte
	Key              []byte
	Cert             []byte
	ScriptPath       string
	Timeout          string

func (*Config) Client

func (c *Config) Client() (comm *api.HypervClient, err error)

HypervClient() returns a new client for configuring hyperv.

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