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Package sqs provides a Vice implementation for Amazon Simple Queue Service.



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func RegionFromURL

func RegionFromURL(url string) string

RegionFromURL parses an sqs url and returns the aws region


type Transport

type Transport struct {
	NewService func(region string) (sqsiface.SQSAPI, error)
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Transport is a vice.Transport for Amazon's SQS

func New

func New() *Transport

New returns a new transport

func (*Transport) Done

func (t *Transport) Done() chan struct{}

Done gets a channel which is closed when the transport has successfully stopped.

func (*Transport) ErrChan

func (t *Transport) ErrChan() <-chan error

ErrChan gets the channel on which errors are sent.

func (*Transport) Receive

func (t *Transport) Receive(name string) <-chan []byte

Receive gets a channel on which to receive messages with the specified name. The name is the queue's url

func (*Transport) Send

func (t *Transport) Send(name string) chan<- []byte

Send gets a channel on which messages with the specified name may be sent. The name is the queue's URL

func (*Transport) Stop

func (t *Transport) Stop()

Stop stops the transport. The channel returned from Done() will be closed when the transport has stopped.

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