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dbutil library

dbutil is a library that contains a collection of auxiliary functions related to MySQL and TiDB.




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const (
	// DefaultRetryTime is the default retry time to execute sql
	DefaultRetryTime = 10

	// DefaultTimeout is the default timeout for execute sql
	DefaultTimeout time.Duration = 5 * time.Second

	// SlowWarnLog defines the duration to log warn log of sql when exec time greater than
	SlowWarnLog = 100 * time.Millisecond


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var (
	// ErrVersionNotFound means can't get the database's version
	ErrVersionNotFound = errors.New("can't get the database's version")

	// ErrNoData means no data in table
	ErrNoData = errors.New("no data found")


func AnalyzeValuesFromBuckets

func AnalyzeValuesFromBuckets(valueString string, cols []*model.ColumnInfo) ([]string, error)

AnalyzeValuesFromBuckets analyze upperBound or lowerBound to string for each column. upperBound and lowerBound are looks like '(123, abc)' for multiple fields, or '123' for one field.

func BuildColumnsAndConstraints

func BuildColumnsAndConstraints(colDefs []*ast.ColumnDef, constraints []*ast.Constraint) ([]*model.ColumnInfo, []*ast.Constraint)

BuildColumnsAndConstraints reference https://github.com/pingcap/tidb/blob/12c87929b8444571b9e84d2c0d5b85303d27da64/ddl/ddl_api.go#L168

func BuildTableInfo

func BuildTableInfo(tableName model.CIStr, columns []*model.ColumnInfo, constraints []*ast.Constraint) (tbInfo *model.TableInfo, err error)

BuildTableInfo builds table information using column constraints.

func CloseDB

func CloseDB(db *sql.DB) error

CloseDB closes the mysql fd

func DecodeTimeInBucket

func DecodeTimeInBucket(packedStr string) (string, error)

DecodeTimeInBucket decodes Time from a packed uint64 value.

func EqualTableInfo

func EqualTableInfo(tableInfo1, tableInfo2 *model.TableInfo) bool

EqualTableInfo returns true if this two table info have same columns and indices

func ExecSQLWithRetry

func ExecSQLWithRetry(ctx context.Context, db *sql.DB, sql string, args ...interface{}) (err error)

ExecSQLWithRetry executes sql with retry

func ExecuteSQLs

func ExecuteSQLs(ctx context.Context, db *sql.DB, sqls []string, args [][]interface{}) error

ExecuteSQLs executes some sqls in one transaction

func FindAllColumnWithIndex

func FindAllColumnWithIndex(tableInfo *model.TableInfo) []*model.ColumnInfo

FindAllColumnWithIndex returns columns with index, order is pk, uk and normal index.

func FindAllIndex

func FindAllIndex(tableInfo *model.TableInfo) []*model.IndexInfo

FindAllIndex returns all index, order is pk, uk, and normal index.

func FindColumnByName

func FindColumnByName(cols []*model.ColumnInfo, name string) *model.ColumnInfo

FindColumnByName finds column by name.

func FindSuitableColumnWithIndex

func FindSuitableColumnWithIndex(ctx context.Context, db *sql.DB, schemaName string, tableInfo *model.TableInfo) (*model.ColumnInfo, error)

FindSuitableColumnWithIndex returns first column of a suitable index. The priority is * primary key * unique key * normal index which has max cardinality

func GetBucketsInfo

func GetBucketsInfo(ctx context.Context, db *sql.DB, schema, table string, tableInfo *model.TableInfo) (map[string][]Bucket, error)


func GetCRC32Checksum

func GetCRC32Checksum(ctx context.Context, db *sql.DB, schemaName, tableName string, tbInfo *model.TableInfo, limitRange string, args []interface{}, ignoreColumns map[string]interface{}) (int64, error)

GetCRC32Checksum returns checksum code of some data by given condition

func GetCreateTableSQL

func GetCreateTableSQL(ctx context.Context, db *sql.DB, schemaName string, tableName string) (string, error)

GetCreateTableSQL returns the create table statement.

func GetDBVersion

func GetDBVersion(ctx context.Context, db *sql.DB) (string, error)

GetDBVersion returns the database's version

func GetMinMaxValue

func GetMinMaxValue(ctx context.Context, db *sql.DB, schema, table, column string, limitRange string, limitArgs []interface{}, collation string) (string, string, error)

GetMinMaxValue return min and max value of given column by specified limitRange condition.

func GetRandomValues

func GetRandomValues(ctx context.Context, db *sql.DB, schemaName, table, column string, num int, limitRange string, limitArgs []interface{}, collation string) ([]string, []int, error)

GetRandomValues returns some random value and these value's count of a column, just like sampling. Tips: limitArgs is the value in limitRange.

func GetRowCount

func GetRowCount(ctx context.Context, db *sql.DB, schemaName string, tableName string, where string) (int64, error)

GetRowCount returns row count of the table. if not specify where condition, return total row count of the table.

func GetSchemas

func GetSchemas(ctx context.Context, db *sql.DB) ([]string, error)

GetSchemas returns name of all schemas

func GetTableInfo

func GetTableInfo(ctx context.Context, db *sql.DB, schemaName string, tableName string) (*model.TableInfo, error)

GetTableInfo returns table information.

func GetTableInfoBySQL

func GetTableInfoBySQL(createTableSQL string) (table *model.TableInfo, err error)

GetTableInfoBySQL returns table information by given create table sql.

func GetTables

func GetTables(ctx context.Context, db *sql.DB, schemaName string) (tables []string, err error)

GetTables returns name of all tables in the specified schema

func GetTidbLatestTSO

func GetTidbLatestTSO(ctx context.Context, db *sql.DB) (int64, error)

GetTidbLatestTSO returns tidb's current TSO.

func GetViews

func GetViews(ctx context.Context, db *sql.DB, schemaName string) (tables []string, err error)

GetViews returns names of all views in the specified schema

func IsFloatType

func IsFloatType(tp byte) bool

IsFloatType returns true if tp is float type

func IsNumberType

func IsNumberType(tp byte) bool

IsNumberType returns true if tp is number type

func IsTiDB

func IsTiDB(ctx context.Context, db *sql.DB) (bool, error)

IsTiDB returns true if this database is tidb

func IsTimeTypeAndNeedDecode

func IsTimeTypeAndNeedDecode(tp byte) bool

IsTimeTypeAndNeedDecode returns true if tp is time type and encoded in tidb buckets.

func OpenDB

func OpenDB(cfg DBConfig) (*sql.DB, error)

OpenDB opens a mysql connection FD

func ReplacePlaceholder

func ReplacePlaceholder(str string, args []string) string

ReplacePlaceholder will use args to replace '?', used for log. tips: make sure the num of "?" is same with len(args)

func ScanRow

func ScanRow(rows *sql.Rows) (map[string]*ColumnData, error)

ScanRow scans rows into a map.

func ScanRowsToInterfaces

func ScanRowsToInterfaces(rows *sql.Rows) ([][]interface{}, error)

ScanRowsToInterfaces scans rows to interface arrary.

func SelectUniqueOrderKey

func SelectUniqueOrderKey(tbInfo *model.TableInfo) ([]string, []*model.ColumnInfo)

SelectUniqueOrderKey returns some columns for order by condition.

func ShowBinlogFormat

func ShowBinlogFormat(ctx context.Context, db *sql.DB) (value string, err error)

ShowBinlogFormat queries variable 'binlog_format' and returns its value.

func ShowBinlogRowImage

func ShowBinlogRowImage(ctx context.Context, db *sql.DB) (value string, err error)

ShowBinlogRowImage queries variable 'binlog_row_image' and returns its values.

func ShowGrants

func ShowGrants(ctx context.Context, db *sql.DB, user, host string) ([]string, error)

ShowGrants queries privileges for a mysql user.

func ShowLogBin

func ShowLogBin(ctx context.Context, db *sql.DB) (value string, err error)

ShowLogBin queries variable 'log_bin' and returns its value.

func ShowMySQLVariable

func ShowMySQLVariable(ctx context.Context, db *sql.DB, variable string) (value string, err error)

ShowMySQLVariable queries MySQL variable and returns its value.

func ShowServerID

func ShowServerID(ctx context.Context, db *sql.DB) (serverID uint64, err error)

ShowServerID queries variable 'server_id' and returns its value.

func ShowVersion

func ShowVersion(ctx context.Context, db *sql.DB) (value string, err error)

ShowVersion queries variable 'version' and returns its value.

func TableName

func TableName(schema, table string) string

TableName returns `schema`.`table`


type Bucket

type Bucket struct {
	Count      int64
	LowerBound string
	UpperBound string

Bucket saves the bucket information from TiDB.

type ColumnData

type ColumnData struct {
	Data   []byte
	IsNull bool

ColumnData saves column's data.

type DBConfig

type DBConfig struct {
	Host string `toml:"host" json:"host"`

	Port int `toml:"port" json:"port"`

	User string `toml:"user" json:"user"`

	Password string `toml:"password" json:"password"`

	Schema string `toml:"schema" json:"schema"`

	Snapshot string `toml:"snapshot" json:"snapshot"`

DBConfig is database configuration.

func GetDBConfigFromEnv

func GetDBConfigFromEnv(schema string) DBConfig

GetDBConfigFromEnv returns DBConfig from environment

func (*DBConfig) String

func (c *DBConfig) String() string

String returns native format of database configuration

type IndexInfo

type IndexInfo struct {
	Table       string
	NoneUnique  bool
	KeyName     string
	SeqInIndex  int
	ColumnName  string
	Cardinality int

IndexInfo contains information of table index.

func ShowIndex

func ShowIndex(ctx context.Context, db *sql.DB, schemaName string, table string) ([]*IndexInfo, error)

ShowIndex returns result of executing `show index`

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