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Published: Jun 24, 2019 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 4 Imported by: 0



filter provides a library to filter replicate on schema/table by given rules


rules like replication rules in MySQL, ref document: h

Priority and Key Points
  • DoDBs > IgnoreDBs
    • which rules to use?
      • If there are some DoDB rules, only use DoDB Rules
      • Otherwise if there are some IgnoreDB rules, use IgnoreDB rules
      • tables that are not filtered out or there are empty DoDBs/IgnoreDBs rules would go to filter on DoTables/IgnoreTables rules
  • DoTables > IgnoreTables
    • if there are DoTable Rules, but no one is matched, we would ignore corresponding table




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var (
	DMHeartbeatSchema = "dm_heartbeat"
	DMHeartbeatTable  = "heartbeat"

DM heartbeat schema / table name


func IsSystemSchema

func IsSystemSchema(schema string) bool

IsSystemSchema judge schema is system shema or not case insensitive


type ActionType

type ActionType bool

ActionType is do or ignore something

const (
	Do     ActionType = true
	Ignore ActionType = false

builtin actiontype variable

type Filter

type Filter struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Filter implements whitelist and blacklist filters.

func New

func New(caseSensitive bool, rules *Rules) *Filter

New creates a filter use the rules.

type Rules

type Rules struct {
	DoTables []*Table `json:"do-tables" toml:"do-tables" yaml:"do-tables"`
	DoDBs    []string `json:"do-dbs" toml:"do-dbs" yaml:"do-dbs"`

	IgnoreTables []*Table `json:"ignore-tables" toml:"ignore-tables" yaml:"ignore-tables"`
	IgnoreDBs    []string `json:"ignore-dbs" toml:"ignore-dbs" yaml:"ignore-dbs"`

Rules contains Filter rules.

func (*Rules) ToLower

func (r *Rules) ToLower()

ToLower convert all entries to lowercase

type Table

type Table struct {
	Schema string `toml:"db-name" json:"db-name" yaml:"db-name"`
	Name   string `toml:"tbl-name" json:"tbl-name" yaml:"tbl-name"`

Table represents a table.

func (*Table) String

func (t *Table) String() string

String implements the fmt.Stringer interface.

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