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This repository provides the raftboltdb package. The package exports the BoltStore which is an implementation of both a LogStore and StableStore.

It is meant to be used as a backend for the raft package here.

This implementation uses BoltDB. BoltDB is a simple key/value store implemented in pure Go, and inspired by LMDB.




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var (

	// An error indicating a given key does not exist
	ErrKeyNotFound = errors.New("not found")


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type BoltStore

type BoltStore struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

BoltStore provides access to BoltDB for Raft to store and retrieve log entries. It also provides key/value storage, and can be used as a LogStore and StableStore.

func NewBoltStore

func NewBoltStore(path string) (*BoltStore, error)

NewBoltStore takes a file path and returns a connected Raft backend.

func (*BoltStore) Close

func (b *BoltStore) Close() error

Close is used to gracefully close the DB connection.

func (*BoltStore) DeleteRange

func (b *BoltStore) DeleteRange(min, max uint64) error

DeleteRange is used to delete logs within a given range inclusively.

func (*BoltStore) FirstIndex

func (b *BoltStore) FirstIndex() (uint64, error)

FirstIndex returns the first known index from the Raft log.

func (*BoltStore) Get

func (b *BoltStore) Get(k []byte) ([]byte, error)

Get is used to retrieve a value from the k/v store by key

func (*BoltStore) GetLog

func (b *BoltStore) GetLog(idx uint64, log *raft.Log) error

GetLog is used to retrieve a log from BoltDB at a given index.

func (*BoltStore) GetUint64

func (b *BoltStore) GetUint64(key []byte) (uint64, error)

GetUint64 is like Get, but handles uint64 values

func (*BoltStore) LastIndex

func (b *BoltStore) LastIndex() (uint64, error)

LastIndex returns the last known index from the Raft log.

func (*BoltStore) Set

func (b *BoltStore) Set(k, v []byte) error

Set is used to set a key/value set outside of the raft log

func (*BoltStore) SetUint64

func (b *BoltStore) SetUint64(key []byte, val uint64) error

SetUint64 is like Set, but handles uint64 values

func (*BoltStore) StoreLog

func (b *BoltStore) StoreLog(log *raft.Log) error

StoreLog is used to store a single raft log

func (*BoltStore) StoreLogs

func (b *BoltStore) StoreLogs(logs []*raft.Log) error

StoreLogs is used to store a set of raft logs

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