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type CommandLine

type CommandLine struct {
	Client           *client.Client
	Line             *liner.State
	Host             string
	Port             int
	Username         string
	Password         string
	Database         string
	Ssl              bool
	RetentionPolicy  string
	ClientVersion    string
	ServerVersion    string
	Pretty           bool   // controls pretty print for json
	Format           string // controls the output format.  Valid values are json, csv, or column
	Precision        string
	WriteConsistency string
	Execute          string
	ShowVersion      bool
	Import           bool
	PPS              int // Controls how many points per second the import will allow via throttling
	Path             string
	Compressed       bool

func New

func New(version string) *CommandLine

func (*CommandLine) Connect

func (c *CommandLine) Connect(cmd string) error

Connect connects client to a server

func (*CommandLine) DatabaseToken

func (c *CommandLine) DatabaseToken() (string, error)

func (*CommandLine) ExecuteQuery

func (c *CommandLine) ExecuteQuery(query string) error

func (*CommandLine) FormatResponse

func (c *CommandLine) FormatResponse(response *client.Response, w io.Writer)

func (*CommandLine) Insert

func (c *CommandLine) Insert(stmt string) error

func (*CommandLine) ParseCommand

func (c *CommandLine) ParseCommand(cmd string) bool

func (*CommandLine) Run

func (c *CommandLine) Run()

func (*CommandLine) SetAuth

func (c *CommandLine) SetAuth(cmd string)

func (*CommandLine) SetFormat

func (c *CommandLine) SetFormat(cmd string)

func (*CommandLine) SetPrecision

func (c *CommandLine) SetPrecision(cmd string)

func (*CommandLine) SetWriteConsistency

func (c *CommandLine) SetWriteConsistency(cmd string)

func (*CommandLine) Settings

func (c *CommandLine) Settings()

func (*CommandLine) Version

func (c *CommandLine) Version()

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