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Android binary file parser

High Level API

Parse APK files
package main

import (

func main() {
	pkg, _ := apk.OpenFile("your-android-app.apk")
	defer pkg.Close()

	icon, _ := pkg.Icon(nil) // returns the icon of APK as image.Image
	pkgName := pkg.PackageName() // returns the pakcage name

Low Lebel API

Parse XML binary
package main

import (


func main() {
	f, _ := os.Open("AndroidManifest.xml")
	xml, _ := androidbinary.NewXMLFile(f)
	reader := xml.Reader()

	// read XML from reader
	var manifest apk.Manifest
	data, _ := ioutil.ReadAll(reader)
	xml.Unmarshal(data, &manifest)
Parse Resource files
package main

import (

func main() {
	f, _ := os.Open("resources.arsc")
	rsc, _ := androidbinary.NewTableFile(f)
	resorce, _ := rsc.GetResource(androidbinary.ResID(0xCAFEBABE), nil)


This software is released under the MIT License, see LICENSE.





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const NilResStringPoolRef = ResStringPoolRef(0xFFFFFFFF)

NilResStringPoolRef is nil reference for string pool.


This section is empty.


func IsResID

func IsResID(s string) bool

IsResID returns whether s is ResId.


type ChunkType

type ChunkType uint16

ChunkType is a type of a resource chunk.

const (
	ResNullChunkType       ChunkType = 0x0000
	ResStringPoolChunkType ChunkType = 0x0001
	ResTableChunkType      ChunkType = 0x0002
	ResXMLChunkType        ChunkType = 0x0003

	// Chunk types in RES_XML_TYPE
	ResXMLFirstChunkType     ChunkType = 0x0100
	ResXMLStartNamespaceType ChunkType = 0x0100
	ResXMLEndNamespaceType   ChunkType = 0x0101
	ResXMLStartElementType   ChunkType = 0x0102
	ResXMLEndElementType     ChunkType = 0x0103
	ResXMLCDataType          ChunkType = 0x0104
	ResXMLLastChunkType      ChunkType = 0x017f

	// This contains a uint32_t array mapping strings in the string
	// pool back to resource identifiers.  It is optional.
	ResXMLResourceMapType ChunkType = 0x0180

	// Chunk types in RES_TABLE_TYPE
	ResTablePackageType  ChunkType = 0x0200
	ResTableTypeType     ChunkType = 0x0201
	ResTableTypeSpecType ChunkType = 0x0202

Chunk types.

type DataType

type DataType uint8

DataType is a type of the data value.

const (
	TypeNull          DataType = 0x00
	TypeReference     DataType = 0x01
	TypeAttribute     DataType = 0x02
	TypeString        DataType = 0x03
	TypeFloat         DataType = 0x04
	TypeDemention     DataType = 0x05
	TypeFraction      DataType = 0x06
	TypeFirstInt      DataType = 0x10
	TypeIntDec        DataType = 0x10
	TypeIntHex        DataType = 0x11
	TypeIntBoolean    DataType = 0x12
	TypeFirstColorInt DataType = 0x1c
	TypeIntColorARGB8 DataType = 0x1c
	TypeIntColorRGB8  DataType = 0x1d
	TypeIntColorARGB4 DataType = 0x1e
	TypeIntColorRGB4  DataType = 0x1f
	TypeLastColorInt  DataType = 0x1f
	TypeLastInt       DataType = 0x1f

The constants for DataType

type Flags

type Flags uint32

Flags are flags for string pool header.

const (
	SortedFlag Flags = 1 << 0
	UTF8Flag   Flags = 1 << 8

the values of Flags.

type InputFlags

type InputFlags uint8

InputFlags are input flags.

const (
	MaskKeysHidden InputFlags = 0x03
	KeysHiddenAny  InputFlags = 0x00
	KeysHiddenNo   InputFlags = 0x01
	KeysHiddenYes  InputFlags = 0x02
	KeysHiddenSoft InputFlags = 0x03

	MaskNavHidden InputFlags = 0x0c
	NavHiddenAny  InputFlags = 0x00
	NavHiddenNo   InputFlags = 0x04
	NavHiddenYes  InputFlags = 0x08

input flags

type ResChunkHeader

type ResChunkHeader struct {
	Type       ChunkType
	HeaderSize uint16
	Size       uint32

ResChunkHeader is a header of a resource chunk.

type ResID

type ResID uint32

ResID is ID for resources.

func ParseResID

func ParseResID(s string) (ResID, error)

ParseResID parses ResId.

func (ResID) Entry

func (id ResID) Entry() int

Entry returns the entry index of id.

func (ResID) Package

func (id ResID) Package() uint32

Package returns the package index of id.

func (ResID) String

func (id ResID) String() string

func (ResID) Type

func (id ResID) Type() int

Type returns the type index of id.

type ResStringPool

type ResStringPool struct {
	Header  ResStringPoolHeader
	Strings []string
	Styles  []ResStringPoolSpan

ResStringPool is a string pool resrouce.

func (*ResStringPool) GetString

func (pool *ResStringPool) GetString(ref ResStringPoolRef) string

GetString returns a string referenced by ref.

type ResStringPoolHeader

type ResStringPoolHeader struct {
	Header      ResChunkHeader
	StringCount uint32
	StyleCount  uint32
	Flags       Flags
	StringStart uint32
	StylesStart uint32

ResStringPoolHeader is a chunk header of string pool.

type ResStringPoolRef

type ResStringPoolRef uint32

ResStringPoolRef is a type representing a reference to a string.

type ResStringPoolSpan

type ResStringPoolSpan struct {
	FirstChar, LastChar uint32

ResStringPoolSpan is a span of style information associated with a string in the pool.

type ResTableConfig

type ResTableConfig struct {
	Size uint32
	// imsi
	Mcc uint16
	Mnc uint16

	// locale
	Language [2]uint8
	Country  [2]uint8

	// screen type
	Orientation uint8
	Touchscreen uint8
	Density     uint16

	// inout
	Keyboard   uint8
	Navigation uint8
	InputFlags InputFlags
	InputPad0  uint8

	// screen size
	ScreenWidth  uint16
	ScreenHeight uint16

	// version
	SDKVersion   uint16
	MinorVersion uint16

	// screen config
	ScreenLayout          ScreenLayout
	UIMode                UIMode
	SmallestScreenWidthDp uint16

	// screen size dp
	ScreenWidthDp  uint16
	ScreenHeightDp uint16

ResTableConfig is a configuration of a table.

func (*ResTableConfig) IsBetterThan

func (c *ResTableConfig) IsBetterThan(o *ResTableConfig, r *ResTableConfig) bool

IsBetterThan returns true if c is better than o for the r configuration.

func (*ResTableConfig) IsLocaleBetterThan

func (c *ResTableConfig) IsLocaleBetterThan(o *ResTableConfig, r *ResTableConfig) bool

IsLocaleBetterThan returns true if c is a better locale match than o for the r configuration.

func (*ResTableConfig) IsLocaleMoreSpecificThan

func (c *ResTableConfig) IsLocaleMoreSpecificThan(o *ResTableConfig) int

IsLocaleMoreSpecificThan a positive integer if this config is more specific than o, a negative integer if |o| is more specific and 0 if they're equally specific.

func (*ResTableConfig) IsMoreSpecificThan

func (c *ResTableConfig) IsMoreSpecificThan(o *ResTableConfig) bool

IsMoreSpecificThan returns true if c is more specific than o.

func (*ResTableConfig) Locale

func (c *ResTableConfig) Locale() string

Locale returns the locale of the configuration.

func (*ResTableConfig) Match

func (c *ResTableConfig) Match(settings *ResTableConfig) bool

Match returns true if c can be considered a match for the parameters in settings.

type ResTableEntry

type ResTableEntry struct {
	Size  uint16
	Flags uint16
	Key   ResStringPoolRef

ResTableEntry is the beginning of information about an entry in the resource table.

type ResTableHeader

type ResTableHeader struct {
	Header       ResChunkHeader
	PackageCount uint32

ResTableHeader is a header of TableFile.

type ResTablePackage

type ResTablePackage struct {
	Header         ResChunkHeader
	ID             uint32
	Name           [128]uint16
	TypeStrings    uint32
	LastPublicType uint32
	KeyStrings     uint32
	LastPublicKey  uint32

ResTablePackage is a header of table packages.

type ResTableType

type ResTableType struct {
	Header       ResChunkHeader
	ID           uint8
	Res0         uint8
	Res1         uint16
	EntryCount   uint32
	EntriesStart uint32
	Config       ResTableConfig

ResTableType is a type of a table.

type ResTableTypeSpec

type ResTableTypeSpec struct {
	Header     ResChunkHeader
	ID         uint8
	Res0       uint8
	Res1       uint16
	EntryCount uint32

ResTableTypeSpec is specification of the resources defined by a particular type.

type ResValue

type ResValue struct {
	Size     uint16
	Res0     uint8
	DataType DataType
	Data     uint32

ResValue is a representation of a value in a resource

type ResXMLTreeAttrExt

type ResXMLTreeAttrExt struct {
	NS             ResStringPoolRef
	Name           ResStringPoolRef
	AttributeStart uint16
	AttributeSize  uint16
	AttributeCount uint16
	IDIndex        uint16
	ClassIndex     uint16
	StyleIndex     uint16

ResXMLTreeAttrExt is extended XML tree node for start tags -- includes attribute.

type ResXMLTreeAttribute

type ResXMLTreeAttribute struct {
	NS         ResStringPoolRef
	Name       ResStringPoolRef
	RawValue   ResStringPoolRef
	TypedValue ResValue

ResXMLTreeAttribute is an attribute of start tags.

type ResXMLTreeEndElementExt

type ResXMLTreeEndElementExt struct {
	NS   ResStringPoolRef
	Name ResStringPoolRef

ResXMLTreeEndElementExt is extended XML tree node for element start/end nodes.

type ResXMLTreeNamespaceExt

type ResXMLTreeNamespaceExt struct {
	Prefix ResStringPoolRef
	URI    ResStringPoolRef

ResXMLTreeNamespaceExt is extended XML tree node for namespace start/end nodes.

type ResXMLTreeNode

type ResXMLTreeNode struct {
	Header     ResChunkHeader
	LineNumber uint32
	Comment    ResStringPoolRef

ResXMLTreeNode is basic XML tree node.

type ScreenLayout

type ScreenLayout uint8

ScreenLayout describes screen layout.

const (
	MaskScreenSize   ScreenLayout = 0x0f
	ScreenSizeAny    ScreenLayout = 0x01
	ScreenSizeSmall  ScreenLayout = 0x02
	ScreenSizeNormal ScreenLayout = 0x03
	ScreenSizeLarge  ScreenLayout = 0x04
	ScreenSizeXLarge ScreenLayout = 0x05

	MaskScreenLong  ScreenLayout = 0x30
	ShiftScreenLong              = 4
	ScreenLongAny   ScreenLayout = 0x00
	ScreenLongNo    ScreenLayout = 0x10
	ScreenLongYes   ScreenLayout = 0x20

	MaskLayoutDir  ScreenLayout = 0xC0
	ShiftLayoutDir              = 6
	LayoutDirAny   ScreenLayout = 0x00
	LayoutDirLTR   ScreenLayout = 0x40
	LayoutDirRTL   ScreenLayout = 0x80

ScreenLayout bits

type TableEntry

type TableEntry struct {
	Key   *ResTableEntry
	Value *ResValue
	Flags uint32

TableEntry is a entry in a recource table.

type TableFile

type TableFile struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

TableFile is a resrouce table file.

func NewTableFile

func NewTableFile(r io.ReaderAt) (*TableFile, error)

NewTableFile returns new TableFile.

package main

import (


func main() {
	f, err := os.Open("testdata/resources.arsc")
	if err != nil {
	tableFile, err := androidbinary.NewTableFile(f)
	if err != nil {

	val, err := tableFile.GetResource(0x7f040000, &androidbinary.ResTableConfig{})
	if err != nil {


func (*TableFile) GetResource

func (f *TableFile) GetResource(id ResID, config *ResTableConfig) (interface{}, error)

GetResource returns a resrouce referenced by id.

func (*TableFile) GetString

func (f *TableFile) GetString(ref ResStringPoolRef) string

GetString returns a string referenced by ref.

type TablePackage

type TablePackage struct {
	Header      ResTablePackage
	TypeStrings *ResStringPool
	KeyStrings  *ResStringPool
	TableTypes  []*TableType

TablePackage is a table package.

type TableType

type TableType struct {
	Header  *ResTableType
	Entries []TableEntry

TableType is a collection of resource entries for a particular resource data type.

type UIMode

type UIMode uint8

UIMode describes UI mode.

const (
	MaskUIModeType   UIMode = 0x0f
	UIModeTypeAny    UIMode = 0x01
	UIModeTypeNormal UIMode = 0x02
	UIModeTypeDesk   UIMode = 0x03
	UIModeTypeCar    UIMode = 0x04

	MaskUIModeNight  UIMode = 0x30
	ShiftUIModeNight        = 4
	UIModeNightAny   UIMode = 0x00
	UIModeNightNo    UIMode = 0x10
	UIModeNightYes   UIMode = 0x20

UIMode bits

type XMLFile

type XMLFile struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

XMLFile is an XML file expressed in binary format.

func NewXMLFile

func NewXMLFile(r io.ReaderAt) (*XMLFile, error)

NewXMLFile returns a new XMLFile.

package main

import (


func main() {
	f, _ := os.Open("testdata/AndroidManifest.xml")
	xmlFile, err := androidbinary.NewXMLFile(f)
	if err != nil {

	var v apk.Manifest
	dec := xml.NewDecoder(xmlFile.Reader())

	enc := xml.NewEncoder(os.Stdout)
	enc.Indent("", "\t")


<Manifest package="net.sorablue.shogo.FWMeasure" versionCode="1" versionName="テスト版">
	<application allowTaskReparenting="false" allowBackup="false" backupAgent="" debuggable="false" description="" enabled="false" hasCode="false" hardwareAccelerated="false" icon="@0x7F020000" killAfterRestore="false" largeHeap="false" label="@0x7F040000" logo="" manageSpaceActivity="" name="" permission="" persistent="false" process="" restoreAnyVersion="false" requiredAccountType="" restrictedAccountType="" supportsRtl="false" taskAffinity="" testOnly="false" theme="" uiOptions="" vmSafeMode="false">
		<activity theme="" name="FWMeasureActivity" label="">
				<action name="android.intent.action.MAIN"></action>
				<category name="android.intent.category.LAUNCHER"></category>
		<activity theme="" name="MapActivity" label=""></activity>
		<activity theme="" name="SettingActivity" label=""></activity>
		<activity theme="" name="PlaceSettingActivity" label=""></activity>
	<instrumentation name="" targetPackage="" handleProfiling="false" functionalTest="false"></instrumentation>
	<uses-sdk minSdkVersion="0" targetSdkVersion="0" maxSdkVersion="0"></uses-sdk>

func (*XMLFile) GetString

func (f *XMLFile) GetString(ref ResStringPoolRef) string

GetString returns a string referenced by ref.

func (*XMLFile) Reader

func (f *XMLFile) Reader() *bytes.Reader

Reader returns a reader of XML file expressed in text format.


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