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var AccessLogCookiesBlacklist = []string{}

The of cookies which should not be logged

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var CorrelationIdHeader = "X-Correlation-Id"
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var LifecycleEnvVars = []string{"BUILD_NUMBER", "BUILD_HASH", "BUILD_DATE"}
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var Logger *logrus.Logger
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var UserCorrelationCookie = ""


func Access

func Access(r *http.Request, start time.Time, statusCode int)

Access logs an access entry with call duration and status code

func AccessError

func AccessError(r *http.Request, start time.Time, err error)

AccessError logs an error while accessing

func Application

func Application(h http.Header) *logrus.Entry

Return a log entry for application logs, prefilled with the correlation ids out of the supplied request.

func Cacheinfo

func Cacheinfo(url string, hit bool)

Cacheinfo logs the hit information a accessing a ressource

func Call

func Call(r *http.Request, resp *http.Response, start time.Time, err error)

Call logs the result of an outgoing call

func EnsureCorrelationId

func EnsureCorrelationId(r *http.Request) string

EnsureCorrelationId returns the correlation from of the request. If the request does not have a correlation id, one will be generated and set to the request.

func GetCorrelationId

func GetCorrelationId(h http.Header) string

GetCorrelationId returns the correlation from of the request.

func GetUserCorrelationId

func GetUserCorrelationId(h http.Header) string

GetCorrelationId returns the users correlation id of the headers.

func LifecycleStart

func LifecycleStart(appName string, args interface{})

LifecycleStart logs the start of an application with the configuration struct or map as paramter.

func LifecycleStop

func LifecycleStop(appName string, signal os.Signal, err error)

LifecycleStop logs the stop of an application

func ServerClosed

func ServerClosed(appName string)

LifecycleStop logs the stop of an application

func Set

func Set(level string, textLogging bool) error

Set creates a new Logger with the matching specification


type LogMiddleware

type LogMiddleware struct {
	Next http.Handler

func NewLogMiddleware

func NewLogMiddleware(next http.Handler) *LogMiddleware

func (*LogMiddleware) ServeHTTP

func (mw *LogMiddleware) ServeHTTP(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request)

type LogstashFormatter

type LogstashFormatter struct {
	Type string // if not empty use for logstash type field.

	// TimestampFormat sets the format used for timestamps.
	TimestampFormat string

Formatter generates json in logstash format. Logstash site: http://logstash.net/

func (*LogstashFormatter) Format

func (f *LogstashFormatter) Format(entry *logrus.Entry) ([]byte, error)

func (*LogstashFormatter) FormatWithPrefix

func (f *LogstashFormatter) FormatWithPrefix(entry *logrus.Entry, prefix string) ([]byte, error)

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