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func MockAccAddress

func MockAccAddress() string

    MockAccAddress mocks an account address for test purpose

    func MockChain

    func MockChain() *types.Chain

      MockChain mocks a chain information structure

      func MockCodec

      func MockCodec() codec.Marshaler

        MockCodec mocks a codec for the app that contains the necessary types for proto enconding

        func MockCoin

        func MockCoin() sdk.Coin

          MockCoin mocks a coin allocation structure

          func MockCoins

          func MockCoins() sdk.Coins

            MockCoins mocks coins allocation structure

            func MockCommissionRates

            func MockCommissionRates() staking.CommissionRates

              MockCommissionRates mocks a commissionRates structure

              func MockDescription

              func MockDescription() staking.Description

                MockDescription mocks a validator description structure

                func MockGenTx

                func MockGenTx() []byte

                  MockGenTx mocks a gentx transaction A gentx is not interpreted on-chain and can be any data

                  func MockGenesis

                  func MockGenesis() []byte

                    MockGenesis mocks a genesis structure

                    func MockGenesisContext

                    func MockGenesisContext() (sdk.Context, *keeper.Keeper)

                      MockGenesisContext mocks the context and the keepers of the launch module for test purposes

                      func MockGenesisQueryClient

                      func MockGenesisQueryClient(ctx sdk.Context, k *keeper.Keeper) types.QueryClient

                        MockGenesisQueryClient mocks a query client for the launch module

                        func MockIdentityContext

                        func MockIdentityContext() (sdk.Context, *keeper.Keeper)

                          MockIdentityContext mocks the context and the keepers of the identity module for test purposes

                          func MockProposal

                          func MockProposal() *types.Proposal

                            MockProposal mocks a proposal

                            func MockProposalAddAccountPayload

                            func MockProposalAddAccountPayload() *types.ProposalAddAccountPayload

                              MockProposalAddAccountPayload mocks a valid payload

                              func MockProposalAddValidatorPayload

                              func MockProposalAddValidatorPayload() *types.ProposalAddValidatorPayload

                                MockProposalAddValidatorPayload mocks a valid payload

                                func MockProposalChangePayload

                                func MockProposalChangePayload() *types.ProposalChangePayload

                                  MockProposalChangePayload mocks a valid payload

                                  func MockProposalInformation

                                  func MockProposalInformation() *types.ProposalInformation

                                    MockProposalInformation mocks information for a proposal

                                    func MockProposalList

                                    func MockProposalList() *types.ProposalList

                                      MockProposalList mocks a list of proposal ID

                                      func MockPubKey

                                      func MockPubKey() cryptotypes.PubKey

                                        MockPubKey mocks a public key

                                        func MockRandomAlphaString

                                        func MockRandomAlphaString(n int) string

                                          MockRandomAlphaString returns a random string with lowercase alpha char of length n

                                          func MockRandomString

                                          func MockRandomString(n int) string

                                            MockRandomString returns a random string of length n

                                            func MockValAddress

                                            func MockValAddress() (*secp256k1.PrivKey, string)

                                              MockValAddress mocks an operator address with associated private key for test purpose


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