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Package node is the main entry point, where the tendermint node service is constructed and the implementation of that service is defined.

Package node provides a high level wrapper around tendermint services.



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func New added in v0.35.0

func New(conf *config.Config,
	logger log.Logger,
	cf abciclient.Creator,
	gen *types.GenesisDoc,
) (service.Service, error)

New constructs a tendermint node. The ClientCreator makes it possible to construct an ABCI application that runs in the same process as the tendermint node. The final option is a pointer to a Genesis document: if the value is nil, the genesis document is read from the file specified in the config, and otherwise the node uses value of the final argument.

func NewDefault added in v0.35.0

func NewDefault(conf *config.Config, logger log.Logger) (service.Service, error)

NewDefault constructs a tendermint node service for use in go process that host their own process-local tendermint node. This is equivalent to running tendermint in it's own process communicating to an external ABCI application.


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