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var (
	// ErrLightBlockNotFound is returned when a store does not have the
	// requested header.
	ErrLightBlockNotFound = errors.New("light block not found")


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type Store

type Store interface {
	// SaveSignedHeaderAndValidatorSet saves a SignedHeader (h: sh.Height) and a
	// ValidatorSet (h: sh.Height).
	// height must be > 0.
	SaveLightBlock(lb *types.LightBlock) error

	// DeleteSignedHeaderAndValidatorSet deletes SignedHeader (h: height) and
	// ValidatorSet (h: height).
	// height must be > 0.
	DeleteLightBlock(height int64) error

	// LightBlock returns the LightBlock that corresponds to the given
	// height.
	// height must be > 0.
	// If LightBlock is not found, ErrLightBlockNotFound is returned.
	LightBlock(height int64) (*types.LightBlock, error)

	// LastLightBlockHeight returns the last (newest) LightBlock height.
	// If the store is empty, -1 and nil error are returned.
	LastLightBlockHeight() (int64, error)

	// FirstLightBlockHeight returns the first (oldest) LightBlock height.
	// If the store is empty, -1 and nil error are returned.
	FirstLightBlockHeight() (int64, error)

	// LightBlockBefore returns the LightBlock before a certain height.
	// height must be > 0 && <= LastLightBlockHeight.
	LightBlockBefore(height int64) (*types.LightBlock, error)

	// Prune removes headers & the associated validator sets when Store reaches a
	// defined size (number of header & validator set pairs).
	Prune(size uint16) error

	// Size returns a number of currently existing header & validator set pairs.
	Size() uint16

Store is anything that can persistently store headers.

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