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func FolderChecks

func FolderChecks(folder []hcl.ParsedFile, config config.ConfigurationLayer) bool

FolderChecks run the check inside the given folder

func MainChecks

func MainChecks(conf config.TfvConfig, workDir string) bool

MainChecks in the main function that will check an entire folder

func VerifyFile

func VerifyFile(parsedFile hcl.ParsedFile, pattern string,
	authorizedBlocks []string, verifyVariables bool, verifyOutputs bool) bool

VerifyFile launch every check that are file dependant (block names and authorized blocks)

func VerifyMandatoryFilesPresent

func VerifyMandatoryFilesPresent(parsedFolder []hcl.ParsedFile,
	mandatoryFiles []string) bool

VerifyMandatoryFilesPresent ensure that the mandatory files are present

func VerifyProvidersVersion

func VerifyProvidersVersion(parsedFolder []hcl.ParsedFile) bool

VerifyProvidersVersion ensure that all providers have a version

func VerifyTerraformVersion

func VerifyTerraformVersion(parsedFolder []hcl.ParsedFile) bool

VerifyTerraformVersion ensure that the terraform version is set

func VerifyVariablesOutputsDescritions

func VerifyVariablesOutputsDescritions(parsedFile hcl.ParsedFile,
	verifyVariables bool, verifyOutputs bool) (errs []error)

VerifyVariablesOutputsDescritions ensure that all the variables and outputs blocks have a descrition


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