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Package printer helps converting a specific file type to PDF.



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type ChromePrinterOptions

type ChromePrinterOptions struct {
	WaitTimeout       float64
	WaitDelay         float64
	HeaderHTML        string
	FooterHTML        string
	PaperWidth        float64
	PaperHeight       float64
	MarginTop         float64
	MarginBottom      float64
	MarginLeft        float64
	MarginRight       float64
	Landscape         bool
	PageRanges        string
	RpccBufferSize    int64
	CustomHTTPHeaders map[string]string
	Scale             float64

ChromePrinterOptions helps customizing the Google Chrome Printer behaviour.

func DefaultChromePrinterOptions

func DefaultChromePrinterOptions(config conf.Config) ChromePrinterOptions

DefaultChromePrinterOptions returns the default Google Chrome Printer options.

type MergePrinterOptions

type MergePrinterOptions struct {
	WaitTimeout float64

MergePrinterOptions helps customizing the merge Printer behaviour.

func DefaultMergePrinterOptions

func DefaultMergePrinterOptions(config conf.Config) MergePrinterOptions

DefaultMergePrinterOptions returns the default merge Printer options.

type OfficePrinterOptions

type OfficePrinterOptions struct {
	WaitTimeout float64
	Landscape   bool
	PageRanges  string

OfficePrinterOptions helps customizing the Office Printer behaviour.

func DefaultOfficePrinterOptions

func DefaultOfficePrinterOptions(config conf.Config) OfficePrinterOptions

DefaultOfficePrinterOptions returns the default Office Printer options.

type Printer

type Printer interface {
	Print(destination string) error

Printer is a type that can create a PDF file from a source. The source is defined in the underlying implementation.

func NewHTMLPrinter

func NewHTMLPrinter(logger xlog.Logger, fpath string, opts ChromePrinterOptions) Printer

NewHTMLPrinter returns a Printer which is able to convert an HTML file to PDF.

func NewMarkdownPrinter

func NewMarkdownPrinter(logger xlog.Logger, fpath string, opts ChromePrinterOptions) (Printer, error)

NewMarkdownPrinter returns a Printer which is able to convert Markdown files to PDF.

func NewMergePrinter

func NewMergePrinter(logger xlog.Logger, fpaths []string, opts MergePrinterOptions) Printer

NewMergePrinter returns a Printer which is able to merge PDFs.

func NewOfficePrinter

func NewOfficePrinter(logger xlog.Logger, fpaths []string, opts OfficePrinterOptions) Printer

NewOfficePrinter returns a Printer which is able to convert Office documents to PDF.

func NewURLPrinter

func NewURLPrinter(logger xlog.Logger, url string, opts ChromePrinterOptions) Printer

NewURLPrinter returns a Printer which is able to convert a URL to PDF.

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