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type Exporter

type Exporter struct {
	// ProjectID is a project to which the PubSub topic belongs.
	ProjectID string

	// Topic is the name of a topic on which messages will be published.
	Topic string

	// Options are Google Cloud API options to connect to PubSub.
	Options []option.ClientOption

	// PublishSettings controls the bundling of published messages.
	// If not set pubsub.DefaultPublishSettings are used.
	PublishSettings *pubsub.PublishSettings

	// EnableMessageOrdering enables the delivery of ordered keys.
	EnableMessageOrdering bool
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Exporter publishes events on a PubSub topic.

func (*Exporter) Export

func (e *Exporter) Export(ctx context.Context, _ *log.Logger, featureEvents []exporter.FeatureEvent) error

Export publishes a PubSub message for each exporter.FeatureEvent received.

func (*Exporter) IsBulk

func (e *Exporter) IsBulk() bool

IsBulk always returns false as PubSub exporter sends each exporter.FeatureEvent as a separate message.

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