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type Exporter deprecated

type Exporter struct {
	// Bucket is the name of your Exporter Bucket.
	Bucket string

	// AwsConfig is the AWS SDK configuration object we will use to
	// upload your exported data files.
	AwsConfig *aws.Config

	// Format is the output format you want in your exported file.
	// Available format are JSON, CSV and Parquet.
	// Default: JSON
	Format string

	// S3Path allows you to specify in which directory you want to export your data.
	S3Path string

	// Filename is the name of your output file
	// You can use a templated config to define the name of your export files.
	// Available replacement are {{ .Hostname}}, {{ .Timestamp}} and {{ .Format}}
	// Default: "flag-variation-{{ .Hostname}}-{{ .Timestamp}}.{{ .Format}}"
	Filename string

	// CsvTemplate is used if your output format is CSV.
	// This field will be ignored if you are using another format than CSV.
	// You can decide which fields you want in your CSV line with a go-template syntax,
	// please check internal/exporter/feature_event.go to see what are the fields available.
	// Default:
	// {{ .Kind}};{{ .ContextKind}};{{ .UserKey}};{{ .CreationDate}};{{ .Key}};{{ .Variation}};{{ .Value}};{{ .Default}}\n
	CsvTemplate string

	// ParquetCompressionCodec is the parquet compression codec for better space efficiency.
	// Available options https://github.com/apache/parquet-format/blob/master/Compression.md
	// Default: SNAPPY
	ParquetCompressionCodec string
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Deprecated: Please use s3exporterv2.Exporter instead, it will use the go-aws-sdk-v2.

func (*Exporter) Export

func (f *Exporter) Export(ctx context.Context, logger *log.Logger, featureEvents []exporter.FeatureEvent) error

Export is saving a collection of events in a file.

func (*Exporter) IsBulk

func (f *Exporter) IsBulk() bool

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