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Package goenv returns environment variables that are used in various parts of the compiler. You can query it manually with the `tinygo env` subcommand.



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const Version = "0.19.0"

Version of TinyGo. Update this value before release of new version of software.


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var Keys = []string{

Keys is a slice of all available environment variable keys.

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var TINYGOROOT string

TINYGOROOT is the path to the final location for checking tinygo files. If unset (by a -X ldflag), then sourceDir() will fallback to the original build directory.


func Get

func Get(name string) string

Get returns a single environment variable, possibly calculating it on-demand. The empty string is returned for unknown environment variables.

func GetGorootVersion

func GetGorootVersion(goroot string) (major, minor int, err error)

GetGorootVersion returns the major and minor version for a given GOROOT path. If the goroot cannot be determined, (0, 0) is returned.

func GorootVersionString

func GorootVersionString(goroot string) (string, error)

GorootVersionString returns the version string as reported by the Go toolchain for the given GOROOT path. It is usually of the form `go1.x.y` but can have some variations (for beta releases, for example).


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