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Package volatile provides definitions for volatile loads and stores. These are implemented as compiler builtins.

The load operations load a volatile value. The store operations store to a volatile value. The compiler will emit exactly one load or store operation when possible and will not reorder volatile operations. However, the compiler may move other operations across load/store operations, so make sure that all relevant loads/stores are done in a volatile way if this is a problem.

These loads and stores are commonly used to read/write values from memory mapped peripheral devices. They do not provide atomicity, use the sync/atomic package for that.

For more details: https://llvm.org/docs/LangRef.html#volatile-memory-accesses and https://blog.regehr.org/archives/28.



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func LoadUint16

func LoadUint16(addr *uint16) (val uint16)

LoadUint16 loads the volatile value *addr.

func LoadUint32

func LoadUint32(addr *uint32) (val uint32)

LoadUint32 loads the volatile value *addr.

func LoadUint8

func LoadUint8(addr *uint8) (val uint8)

LoadUint8 loads the volatile value *addr.

func StoreUint16

func StoreUint16(addr *uint16, val uint16)

StoreUint16 stores val to the volatile value *addr.

func StoreUint32

func StoreUint32(addr *uint32, val uint32)

StoreUint32 stores val to the volatile value *addr.

func StoreUint8

func StoreUint8(addr *uint8, val uint8)

StoreUint8 stores val to the volatile value *addr.


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