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func New

func New(base mb.BaseMetricSet) (mb.MetricSet, error)

New create a new instance of the MetricSet Part of new is also setting up the configuration by processing additional configuration entries if needed.

func NewMetricProcessor

func NewMetricProcessor(paths []PathConfig, defaultPath PathConfig) *metricProcessor


type HttpServerConfig

type HttpServerConfig struct {
	Paths       []PathConfig `config:"paths"`
	DefaultPath PathConfig   `config:"default_path"`

type MetricSet

type MetricSet struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

MetricSet type defines all fields of the MetricSet As a minimum it must inherit the mb.BaseMetricSet fields, but can be extended with additional entries. These variables can be used to persist data or configuration between multiple fetch calls.

func (*MetricSet) Run

func (m *MetricSet) Run(reporter mb.PushReporter)

Run method provides the Graphite server with a reporter with which events can be reported.

type PathConfig

type PathConfig struct {
	Path      string        `config:"path"`
	Fields    common.MapStr `config:"fields"`
	Namespace string        `config:"namespace"`

func (PathConfig) Validate

func (p PathConfig) Validate() error

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