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const (
	// Admins is the label for the local MSP admins
	Admins = "Admins"

	// Members is the label for the local MSP members
	Members = "Members"


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func GetDeserializers

func GetDeserializers() map[string]msp.IdentityDeserializer

GetManagers returns all the managers registered

func GetIdentityDeserializer

func GetIdentityDeserializer(chainID string) msp.IdentityDeserializer

GetIdentityDeserializer returns the IdentityDeserializer for the given chain

func GetLocalMSP

func GetLocalMSP() msp.MSP

GetLocalMSP returns the local msp (and creates it if it doesn't exist)

func GetLocalSigningIdentityOrPanic

func GetLocalSigningIdentityOrPanic() msp.SigningIdentity

GetLocalSigningIdentityOrPanic returns the local signing identity or panic in case or error

func GetManagerForChain

func GetManagerForChain(chainID string) msp.MSPManager

GetManagerForChain returns the msp manager for the supplied chain; if no such manager exists, one is created

func LoadDevMsp

func LoadDevMsp() error

Loads the development local MSP for use in testing. Not valid for production/runtime context

func LoadLocalMsp

func LoadLocalMsp(dir string, bccspConfig *factory.FactoryOpts, mspID string) error

LoadLocalMsp loads the local MSP from the specified directory

func XXXSetMSPManager

func XXXSetMSPManager(chainID string, manager msp.MSPManager)

XXXSetMSPManager is a stopgap solution to transition from the custom MSP config block parsing to the configtx.Manager interface, while preserving the problematic singleton nature of the MSP manager


type DeserializersManager

type DeserializersManager interface {
	Deserialize(raw []byte) (*mspproto.SerializedIdentity, error)

	// GetLocalMSPIdentifier returns the local MSP identifier
	GetLocalMSPIdentifier() string

	// GetLocalDeserializer returns the local identity deserializer
	GetLocalDeserializer() msp.IdentityDeserializer

	// GetChannelDeserializers returns a map of the channel deserializers
	GetChannelDeserializers() map[string]msp.IdentityDeserializer

DeserializersManager is a support interface to access the local and channel deserializers

func NewDeserializersManager

func NewDeserializersManager() DeserializersManager

DeserializersManager returns a new instance of DeserializersManager

type MSPPrincipalGetter

type MSPPrincipalGetter interface {
	// Get returns an MSP principal for the given role
	Get(role string) (*msp.MSPPrincipal, error)

func NewLocalMSPPrincipalGetter

func NewLocalMSPPrincipalGetter() MSPPrincipalGetter


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