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This package implements a provisioner for Packer that uses Chef to provision the remote machine, specifically with chef-solo (that is, without a Chef server).



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var DefaultConfigTemplate = `` /* 278-byte string literal not displayed */


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type Config

type Config struct {
	common.PackerConfig `mapstructure:",squash"`

	ChefEnvironment     string   `mapstructure:"chef_environment"`
	ConfigTemplate      string   `mapstructure:"config_template"`
	CookbookPaths       []string `mapstructure:"cookbook_paths"`
	RolesPath           string   `mapstructure:"roles_path"`
	DataBagsPath        string   `mapstructure:"data_bags_path"`
	EnvironmentsPath    string   `mapstructure:"environments_path"`
	ExecuteCommand      string   `mapstructure:"execute_command"`
	InstallCommand      string   `mapstructure:"install_command"`
	RemoteCookbookPaths []string `mapstructure:"remote_cookbook_paths"`
	Json                map[string]interface{}
	PreventSudo         bool     `mapstructure:"prevent_sudo"`
	RunList             []string `mapstructure:"run_list"`
	SkipInstall         bool     `mapstructure:"skip_install"`
	StagingDir          string   `mapstructure:"staging_directory"`
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

type ConfigTemplate

type ConfigTemplate struct {
	CookbookPaths    string
	DataBagsPath     string
	RolesPath        string
	EnvironmentsPath string
	ChefEnvironment  string

	// Templates don't support boolean statements until Go 1.2. In the
	// mean time, we do this.
	// TODO(mitchellh): Remove when Go 1.2 is released
	HasDataBagsPath     bool
	HasRolesPath        bool
	HasEnvironmentsPath bool

type ExecuteTemplate

type ExecuteTemplate struct {
	ConfigPath string
	JsonPath   string
	Sudo       bool

type InstallChefTemplate

type InstallChefTemplate struct {
	Sudo bool

type Provisioner

type Provisioner struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*Provisioner) Cancel added in v0.3.6

func (p *Provisioner) Cancel()

func (*Provisioner) Prepare

func (p *Provisioner) Prepare(raws ...interface{}) error

func (*Provisioner) Provision

func (p *Provisioner) Provision(ui packer.Ui, comm packer.Communicator) error

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